My First Ever Endurance Race....

just ended in disaster, was running the lemans 250 trying to complete the elite cup, lap 19 of 29, a hour and five minutes in and it crashed to desktop without warning.

I don’t know if I care to try again…sigh!

that’s harsh man. Sorry.

That’s the stuff that makes me put the game down because I just don’t have the time. I mean, yes it was enjoyable but CRASH! So yeah, nope. I’ve been putting off the Spa 100 Extra Long cause of this.

For what it’s worth, I set mirror quality, reflection quality, and windshield reflection quality to dynamic and have only crashed once in the past 15 hours or so. This was after crashing every 45 minutes before that. It might work for you.

first time ive ever crashed in race since this past Friday, hundreds of races…

I tried to do a 50 lap race around the Indianapolis. After lap 25 it was having issues with not loading assets fast enough. At lap 49 the track was pretty much invisible and the game crashed.

Sorry to hear that. I’ve had a couple of crashes but they’ve always been while I was in the main menu or saving it tune. I have yet to have any crashes in game (crosses fingers). That being said, I have had the graphics freak out while racing and had the track just turn into a gray blob and I had to drive where I thought the track was…

This is one of the reasons that I switched a few years ago to console only gaming. But decided I wanted to see that awesome 4K. So I switched over to my gaming PC for this. Likely when the x1x comes out, I will likely use that for Forza as I appreciate the stability that consoles offer. Also fwiw this game significantly pushes the hardware in your computer and will probably find reasons to crash where other games wouldn’t. I have a 4.7GHz i7 and a 1080ti and watching some of the monitoring software I’m hitting a 100% CPU load and close to that on my 1080Ti.

I’ve been monitoring stats with afterburner, my i7 4770k at 4.4Ghz is only running at 30% to 50% cpu load during races but I’m only running at 1080p with everything set to ultra and scaling at 125% and always get a solid 75fps.

I’m gonna try the race again later on the Xbox see how it goes

Do you have rewind on? This is a known issue with the Forza engine since at least Horizon 3. A lot of users reported crashes during long Goliath races with rewind enabled.


yes, thanks ill remember that

Was doing the exact same race just now but on extra long, and it crashes

This happened so i had to turn on the racing line t see where i was supposed to go, took this picture to show my friends what was going on and then 20 seconds later after i took it the game crashed.

I’m not suprised that it happened and im not even that angry tbh… I’m just a bit dissapointed that the game isnt as “bulletproof” as one would think it should be in this day and age.
This has happened to me before and it wont make me stop doing long races becase i just love doing them…

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My God, it looks like the game forgot to render half of the environment in that screenshot!

I finished it on xbox and finished the domination elite cup and got the 350gtr FE I was wanting so I’m happy now

But yeah, when you see BS like that appearing you know a CTD is imminent lol