My FH5 Dream Garage Project 🚘

With a new map and some new vehicles to play with (along with an overhaul to the physics model and audio files) it’s time to revisit my Dream Garage Project. My aim is to find the perfect garage line-up which, for me, is five (or potentially six) vehicles spread across the following categories:

  1. Daily Driver
  2. Roadtrip
  3. Date Night
  4. i) Weekend Fun; ii) Track Toy
  5. Garage Dream

Once again, I’m considering almost every in-game vehicle - the only exceptions being the Forza Edition, the Welcome Pack, the Formula Drift, and the Hot Wheels vehicles. I’m also including a few models that aren’t featured in-game (and will be recreating them via the upgrade and tuning functions).

Let me know if you’ve any thoughts or suggestions…or what your own dream garage would be. :+1:t2:


Route Creation:

To start things off, I’ve created a few Blueprints for initial testing.

In my opinion, the Blueprint tool is much better in FH5 than it was in FH4. Being able to remove Drivatars means no more daft detours (to get them out of the way). The freedom to edit and delete Blueprints also means no more clutter. Finally, I like that we can now add a description (which indulges my light narrative).

I like the idea of driving around the entire map (albeit in stages). With that in mind, I’ve tried to overlap the start and finish locations of each route.

DR1: Welcome to Horizon
Set out from the Horizon Festival and wind your way north past the historic Cathedral of San Juan and the foot of La Gran Caldera, before climbing through Guanajuato en route to Hotel Castillo Santa Cecilia.

DR2: La Gran Caldera
From the magnificent Hotel Castillo, wind gently through the sleepy roads of Guanajuato before opening the traps on the twisting tarmac of La Gran Caldera. Beautiful roads, breathtaking views and you’ll even be back for brunch!

DR3: Tulum Lightshow
Enjoy the drive from Hotel Castillo as you wind down towards the coast on your way to the spectacular light show of Tulum.

DR4: The Rush Festival
Set out from Tulum and visit Playa Azul, the Cascadas de Pantano and Tierra Próspera on your way to the Rush Festival.

DR5: Copper Canyon
In addition to jaw-dropping vistas and incredible natural beauty, Copper Canyon is also home to flowing ribbons of tarmac. Enjoy!

DR6: The Baja Festival
Say farewell to the vibrant town of Guanajuato and make your way to Dunas Blancas - home of the Baja Festival.

DR7: The Coast
Sand dunes on one side, the sea on the other - this is the Baja coast. Drop the roof if you can and feel that ocean breeze for yourself!

DR8: Tulum Adventure
Set out from the Palacio Azul Resort and detour via the town of Mulegé en route to Tulum in search of hidden treasures and incredible roads.

DR9: Gran Puente
From Tulum head back inland and enjoy the sweeping tarmac and echoing tunnels before crossing the Gran Puente. Then, drop down and marvel at structures new and old before some tight hairpins en route to your destination.

DR10: The Horizon Festival
The sun may be setting but the journey’s only just begun. Enjoy your drive to the Horizon Festival where adventure awaits!

Well, since no1 did so fari guess its up to me to to make the first post xD

Not sure if i completly understand what you are doing so please correct me if im wrong :slight_smile:
You are basicly driving every single car(excluding the categories mentioned) which the game offers for a given time, find a fitting tune for it/tune it to your liking in hope to find “the one an only” car for each of the mentioned categories?
How do the routes fit into this? Do you only test them on those you listed above? Or specific cars on specific roads? And the goal is to find your perfect car for your “Top 5(6)” and hoping to see how other players ultimate car list would look like?
If im not already at the “nope wrong, try again, more luck next time” point and somewhat right with what i think you are doing im going to leavy my first version of my perfect garage line up here which might change as time goes on an we get more motorized toys to play with :smiley:

  1. Vw Golf Mk3 GTI Vr6
    -My first car was a '96 Mk3 1.8 GT(poor mans GTI^^) in real life and it was one of the first cars i bought when i got into the forza series while trying out FH4, always had a place in my favourites tab and got used on a regular base since it always gave me a little of the feeling i had back when i got my license and realised how much bigger the world just got for me :3

  2. Ultimate Road-trip
    -Roadtrip? Ultimate? Sounds like…Volkswagen! Type 2! :smiley: Cant have a road trip without a T2(or even better T1^^) Usually gets used for chilled driving while watching a movie or so on 2nd screen and not being able to find a reason to close the game :d Also shows all our xyz-mp/h cowboys that its not about speed, its about style :wink:

  3. Date Night

  • none so far probably smth. casual with a bit of style, no need to compesate anything with a car :smiley:

4 (i). Weekend Fun
-Vw Golf 2 with dirt/cc tune and awd to resemble a Golf Mk2 Country (Offroad Golf, designed for hunters and farmers back in the day :slight_smile: )Sure bringing the Toyota Baja truck or any other big offroader would also work, but i really like driving cars that are outside of any meta stuff or just rare sights overall :slight_smile:

4 (ii). Track Toy

  • '94 Mazda Miata for drifting/learning to drift. Dunno what it is about the Miata but its just a car one has to love, even without knowing why :slight_smile:
  1. Garage Dream
    -also none for now, just too many cars that might fit, but i havent driven at all or enough so far to be sure :slight_smile:

Pretty much.

Upgrading and tuning only comes into play for this project where a particular vehicle variant isn’t in the game. A quick example of this is the Alpine A110 - the base vehicle is already in the game but I’ve also included the A110 S and aftermarket tuning package from Litchfield which aren’t.

Currently, there’s over 800 vehicles on my list. 510 of them are standard in-game vehicles. The remaining 320-odd have all been upgraded and tuned to reflect the real-world vehicles.

Once everything’s been acquired and sorted, the first stage of testing is to drive each and every one of them and decided what role they might fit within my virtual dream garage.

The Blueprint Events do have a prescribed route but with no checkpoints I also have the freedom to mix things up. For example, we ran the Tulum Adventure route last night in 4x4s so we turned off the main route and enjoyed some dirt trails.

The only test route that I haven’t included above is the Horizon Mexico Circuit. At this stage we’re using HMC to test any dedicated track vehicles.

Once my initial test is complete I’ll have my shortlists. After that I’ll whittle the shortlists down to reveal the winning vehicle for each category.

A big part of the enjoyment for me is that I don’t know what’s going to win. I have made some predictions (informed by my previous results) but there’s no guarantee they’ll be right.

Isnt this what everybody does??? LMAO. Or what else is to do, besides liveries and tunning?

I thought the thread was about something completely different lol. But again, unfortunately, not surprised that it has so many replies already…

This sounds like a fun and interesting project and I will be following along.

I’ve even started testing out various cars on the Blueprints you’ve made.

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Thank you. :+1:t2:

I’ve now started testing some of the vehicles and am already pleasantly surprised.

A simple change in location can transform how you view and enjoy a particular vehicle. Some vehicles were at home on the often damp tarmac of Horizon UK. Other vehicles are at home on the dusty tarmac of Horizon Mexico. As a result I’m enjoying some vehicle more (or less) than last time.

The various game improvements have also transformed the driving experience and feel. Every vehicle in this game now sounds and feels (in my opinion) a bit more authentic.

I’ve now completed my initial test and my shortlists are ready for each category (pending future DLC). That means I’m ready for stage two.

Stage Two:

I’m starting this time with my Track Toy category. Not only should is this category the most independent (of any choices elsewhere), it’s also the largest as it comprises three sub-categories:

  • road-legal vehicles (which straddle the Weekend Fun and Track Toy categories),
  • road-legal vehicles (which are exclusive to the Track Toy category), and
  • track-only vehicles.

All the testing for this category will take place at Horizon Mexico Circuit. With road-legal and track-only versions of certain vehicles on the list, the stop watch is coming out to see what sort of difference there is - both in terms of driving enjoyment and lap time.

At the same time, I’m also starting on my Weekend Fun category. To this end, I’ve created a fresh set of Blueprints.

The narrative here is a three-day driving trip that’s jam-packed with the best stretches of tarmac in Horizon Mexico. With great roads and consistent driving conditions, these routes should help me identify my favourite vehicles for a weekend blast.

DR1 - Colinas Aridas
The first leg of our three day Horizon Mexico Adventure. Set out from the Festival and sweep through Colinas Aridas before the first lunch stop north of Guanajuato.

DR2 - Copper Canyon East
After lunch, tuck down into Copper Canyon and enjoy one of the most scenic roads in Horizon Mexico, before sweeping up to the first overnight stop at Hotel Mirador.

DR3 - Los Jardines
Starting at the top of Copper Canyon, this route offers spectacular views of Guanajuato as it sweeps down the hillsides, before a lunch stop north of Los Jardines.

DR4 - Copper Canyon West
After lunch, take the westbound route through Copper Canyon and enjoy the flowing ribbon of tarmac that sweeps along the Canyon floor, before an overnight stop at Villa Caldera.

DR5 - La Caldera Climb
On the final morning of our three day tour, set out from Villa Caldera and chase the mountain air up the twisting tarmac and sun-kissed slopes of La Gran Caldera. Lunch stop at the top.

DR6 - La Caldera Descent
The final leg in our journey is a breathtaking descent down La Caldera, hunting hairpin after hairpin, before returning once more to the Horizon Festival.

Both categories (Track Toy and Weekend Fun) have now been whittled down.

With such a compelling line-up, deciding on the top five was a fun challenge. When the stop watch comes out it’s tempting to focus only on lap times but there’s more to it than outright performance. Instead, the real question for me was this - in what vehicles would I most enjoy chasing my perfect lap?

Thankfully, there were no stop watches in the Weekend Fun category. Whittling down this list was relatively straight forward.

With my finalists in these categories now identified (pending future DLC), it’s time to focus on my next two categories - Date Night and Daily Driver.

How you manage to keep up such a high level of enthusiasm for the game and willingness to do these things I don’t know buddy.


Thanks Giles. :+1:t2:

To keep things nice and tidy I’ve removed and updated some of my previous posts. The share codes for my Blueprint Events have now been removed and I’ve compiled all my result up till now into a single post. These results may of course change (depending on future DLC) so I’ll update things if required.

Next Stage:

With these results now in the next stage is deciding on the Date Night and Dream categories.

I’m saving the Dream slot until last as the decision here may or may not take into account how the garage line-up is looking once the dust has settled on the decisions elsewhere. Last time round I went for something pretty epic in the Dream slot but I’m not sure that’s where I’m heading this time round.

Well… I think my project is now complete!

Pending any further DLC, here’s my virtual dream garage line-up:

Daily Driver - Volkswagen Golf R

The total versatility of the Golf R was a real draw for me this time round. With a potent turbocharged engine, weather-conquering AWD and plenty of room for an active family, VW’s hot hatch makes a compelling case as the perfectly usable all rounder.

Roadtrip - Porsche 718 GTS

Other Porsche models may have grown in size and stature but the 718 remains relatively compact - making it fun on any ribbon of tarmac. Wonderfully balanced and beautifully precise, the 718 is the perfect choice for an enthusiast road trip.

Date Night - BMW M8

I must confess that I quite like the new M8. Compared to some other marques on my shortlist, the BMW feels quite modest and under the radar yet it combines the latest technology, luxury and performance with sleek and elegant design.

Weekend Fun & Track Toy - MINI GP

Under the radar is not something you can say for the latest MINI GP. With flared body arches and a double-deck rear wing, the GP packs as much visual punch as it does performance. The MINI doesn’t just put a smile on my face - it leaves me grinning from ear to ear. As a result, whether I’m on the track or a twisty back-road, the MINI GP is the car for me.

Which brings me to the final space in my virtual dream garage.

Dream - MINI GP

I really wasn’t sure how this one was going to go.

It was between two cars for me - the R56 GP and the NSX Type R. Both are special. Both are great to drive. Both overlap to some extent with my choices elsewhere. Trying to pick between them was virtually impossible.

In the end I took a step back and imagined both of them sitting in my dream garage. Which one would I prefer to drive? And, in asking this question, I found my answer: I’d happily have both in my dream garage but if I could only drive one… well I know which key I’d grab.

With that, my project in FH5 is now complete!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed going through this project again and observing how my own priorities have changed in some areas. The change in location has impacted my enjoyment and appreciation of certain vehicles and the addition of new vehicles has brought new considerations to the table.

To anyone who has read this far - Thank you, I hope you’ve enjoyed the read.

See you on the next one. :+1:

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