My few Gripes Drag racing and replays.

I love forza games but with all the instalments how come drag racing has never progressed? Wheelie bars chutes tub kits skinnys fatties etc.
1 v 1 drags at night and day at real strips and street. VHT! I neeed this bad. The crew pulled off some cool tricks even got monster trucks which is something right up FH’s alley.

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I don’t have access to those forums but thanks, if you could tag my thread or comment for me that would be excellent.

That’s strange. I’m not sure why you can’t access it, it’s a pinned topic at the top of this subforum.


If you can post here i dont know why you cant post there
It’s the same forum

Yeah you were right thanks I did see it was even in the Fh3 section Last night it was the same exact thread but it said something like all forums. Must of been some type of error anyhow thanks happy holidays!

No worries, happy holidays to you too!