My fellow mclaren fans! wana help beat that lambo on the drag strip?

ok ive been working on a drag tune for the mclaren F1 GT for a little bit now. even more so lately since that lambo hit the stage… and came up with 2 variations that are quite fun and quick. the first one i went ahead and shared it because how often to you see a ground hugger pop a wheely?!! heehee! “ground zero here!!” and my latest one wich no longer wheelies and gained a quarter to three quarter second off the line but lost as much in acceleration and yet pulls 2 miles an hour faster across the line. so anyone that would be able to help me improve what i already have accomplished please message me via xbox messaging ill share my newest tune for you to set up on your mclaren F1 GT to try out any any improvements you can add please share your findings back and keep in mind it can beat that lambo and i almost have it. so help me out if you think you can please and thank you

thank you for the assist fellow racer! i wasnt sure how those two additional sections worked. would you mind sharing how please? without edit reposting it please and thank you