My experiment

I’m trying this because I hate driving in between championship locations. Instead of being able to run all 28 championships in a row in one place the game forces you to drive between cities. So what if I take that option away from the game?

I’ve finished Sisteron and Saint-Martin. You have to do 3 championships in each “road trip” so I’m going to be doing one each in Nice, Castelletto, and Montellino. In theory I should be able to sit in San Giovanni and run 20 or so championships in a row. Take that Forza. Ha!

You will have to run a championship you have already won in one of the other cities - if you look in Sisteron you will see it recommending championships just like normal.

So it’ll force me to re run ones I’ve already done just to keep me from staying in one spot? That’ll make me mad.

Yes and no… You cannot stay in one spot for several championships but you could do your planning a bit better by going to Giovanni more often than the others. Eventually you should be able to get them all to 15/28 or 16/28 completed and from there go for completing them all in a linear fashion.

Interesting stuff

Since you also have to go to the festival every 3 championships what I do is I do Nice first, then Sisteron, then Saint Martin, therefore its a short drive to the festival, and then back to San Giovanni (short distance from festival), Montellino and then Castelletto, and from there its also a shorter drive to the festival I worked out, thats how I do it anyway and its going pretty well :), done around 95 so far

I guess I’m the weird one: I actually pick a farther location because I actually like the Road Trips. Does that make me crazy?


Sure it does,lol.

Longer roadtrip = more XP and more driver level ups too, so not crazy. Also gives you more time to drive around rather than race.

So you purchased on open-world driving game - but hate driving around in the open world?

Maybe the real solution for this problem for you is Forza Motorsport 5?

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I enjoyed FM5, but I traded it and Titanfall in for GTA V.

Much easier to do all the fast car championships as well, in the slow cars the drivatars will just get in front and brake, again and again “trying” to cruise with you. Not a problem in the cars Class A+ Which is why I take shortcuts wherever possible lol