My expectations for the DLC are very high

Every Forza Horizon expansion beforehand would release dead in the middle of December, then the second expansion would release at the beginning of the summer. We’re closer to that second DLC date at this point and there’s still no word of any kind of expansion at all.

The direction this game and franchise has taken has massively disappointed me. Since DLC for Horizon games always tend to feature upcoming map and game mechanics for the next Horizon game, it’s like we’re gonna be able to taste-test Horizon 6, even if extremely blindly.

Considering the long wait I’m expecting a lot of good content for this DLC and you should be too. This shouldn’t be yet another “mountain area but bad weather hurr durr” we’ve gotten three times.


I feel you may be lining yourself up for disappointment, but hey ho.


I think a 6 month DLC release date is fine, don’t worry about it.

Who knows? I know the pandemic has been somewhat of a factor but the extra year that FH2-4 didn’t have negates that being an excuse past a certain point.

Things just seem to be going at a very slow pace in this iteration, whether it’s fixes, new features or the expansions.

I think the state the game released in has pushed back their plans way further than they imagined, I’m sure some on here are sick of seeing this being banged on about but it’s going to be Series 7 before we even get an S2 Tour, something that has had an accolade tied to it from the beginning, there is no way they’d have put it in if having it only become available after 5 1/2 months was always their intention.


Keep your expectations low. The last good expansion was Blizzard Mountain, where you could still look for an online adventure. Seems to me as if only wrong decisions are made by the responsible persons. Too bad :disappointed_relieved:

Perhaps the expansion release date tells us more about the intended lifecycle of FH5 than the quality of the expansion.

I think 3 months is too quick for DLC anyway.


Did you forget the non-trivial thing called a pandemic? That’s the entire reason everything is delayed. The game had already been delayed by a year, and then the Christmas period threw off the bug fixing, putting us at least 2 months behind schedule. You might want to get a reality check before making wildly absurd assumptions.


In FH3 and FH4 an ultimate edition was sold including two expansions, the first expansion came out 2 months after the game released and the second one about 6 months after the game released. Expectations were set. We are now exactly 6 months from the release of FH5 with no news about any expansion, I think it’s fair for people who paid >$100 for a game with the past two setting a release schedule to wonder why there hasn’t been any word about paid DLC.

I think your memory is a bit off. FH4 released in September and the Lego expansion released in the next summer.

They are slightly behind previously established timelines, but it’s understandable considering that they should have been prioritizing bug fixes.

Also if you calculate time based on work days as opposed to total days, they are only just now starting to fall behind the release point of the first expansion.

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Forza Horizon 4 xbox one release October 2nd 2018
Lego Expansion release June 13th 2019
so it was two expansions in 8 months, not in about 6 months like I guessed

it has been 6 months since FH5 released November 9th 2021, we have zero news on any expansions

We’re just under 5 months actually.


I bought FH3 Ultimate Edition and still need to buy the Motorsport pack and the 2 expansions separately.

I’m sure they will let us know when my little pony Fortnite world expansion is coming out. :rofl:

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I have been conditioned for low expectations.


Enjoyed Fortune Island a lot, the lego DLC itself I didn’t like, but I loved the car lanchers and how breakable the environment was. Give us easily snappable K’nex :smile::pleading_face:

Similar situation here. I liked the Fortune Island expansion (…which I bought) but hated the very idea of Lego (…which I didn’t buy). I thought it ridiculous that Lego cars were able to compete in regular races. The Lego company has done a fantastic job on behalf of its owners/shareholders. It has penetrated just about every franchise from movies to games to clothes and toys on the shelves of department stores and toyshops. It’s hard to avoid Lego anywhere!.
Getting back to FH5, I have a sneaking suspicion the expansion could be built on the “Cars” franchise. I base this reasoning almost entirely on the inclusion of “Copper Canyon” which features in some of the Cars games out there. It could be a coincidence, but it would be better than a Lego monstrosity. Having said that, Minecraft is also very prevalent and popular with gamers, so in the end, I’m expecting to be disappointed with whatever PGG/MS feed us.


With these game releases for the past couple years, I would keep my expectations low in case it is not what you expected. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.

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I think your memory is the one that is off mate. The first DLC for FH4 was not the Lego expansion, but Fortune Island which released in December of 2018, just 3 months after the game launched.

Fortune Island, the first DLC for FH4, launched in December of 2018, three months after the game launched. The Lego expansion was the SECOND of the DLC’s to launch.

Forza Horizon 3 launched in September of 2016, and its first DLC launched in December of the same year.

Forza Horizon 2 launched in September of 2014, and its first DLC launched in December of the same year.

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