My Drivatar stats just do not make sense.

I went to check the Drivatar sync and while I was there I noticed that things don’t exactly tally up ie Le Mans La Sarthe - Total 7 races - perfect turns 257 - good turns 664 - perfect pass 31 - good pass 107. First up I would have had 5 races just tuning my car. My races are usually 2, 4, 10 or 20 the shorter ones testing. I don’t dispute my turns but take exception to the perfect passes even the good passes. I usually get up around 3-4th by the first/second corner and it is ugly furthermore I do not bash my way through but I am constantly getting rammed by the AI once there I let nothing past and on unbeatable that too is ugly I do catch up to the lead and usually the passing routine is you guessed it…ugly. I have been on this track for 4 days so even the 7 races it out and I have had 5 in the last session. Does anyone know if this adds up the tally as you go along or is there a delay?

Edit - Can partly answer this. Must be a delay or it is broke since 2 more races completed and still showing 7

Hi Luna have been having a look at mine and it looks correct mostly and it is counting short races even them 30s races seem to have been counted. Like I said mostly I am missing races from track I know I have done so yea looks like something alse may need attention by the developers. As it seemes not all races are being counted even if turns and passes for them are being counted. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

There is something wrong with it because I have been playing catch up using the track and car. Managed Collector Tier from 32 to just about to hit 39 Added about 80 cars with a considerable amount of those freebies at level ups, cleaned out my rewards on hold for the 700 - 1’100 mil cars. The Ford GT FE has done 43 races in total and I have only used it on Watkins Glen once while tuning the rest all on this circuit. 27 podiums and 8 victories. So showing 7 races is just a little out of sync. Does not really matter and not the end of the world coz I will take the cars and CR over a few dodgy statistics any day but those that take these things more seriously might get their nose out of joint.

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