My digital download keeps asking me if i own tbe Game

I have the Digital Forza 7 bought thru the Xbox. Every day I pkay this game I keep getting a microsoft message pop up on my screen asking me if I own the game. Thos can be ant think betweeb 2 to 10 times an evening of Racing. This has been happening for months now and is getting very frustrating.
Any help would be extremely appreciated.
My GT is Gregster6867

I recently purchased the horizon3/forza7 bundle. Despite the store, Xbox app saying I owned it, more often than not I couldn’t play due to that message. Chat and phone support seem to want to do the most asinine things.

I play one three consoles and changed one that wasn’t my home console, to home console, and so far(knock out n wood), since simply making that change, those games have yet to show that message on ANY console I play on, as well I have yet to see that message after I’ve played the game, still in game. Which that had happened quite often of the few times I was able to play when it would let me.

If you only have one console, I’d try setting it to the opposite of what ever it is now home/not home console and see if your luck is like mine was.