My Designs New To Forza Opinions/advice needed

Hey guys, I notice some awesome work out there. Well I’ve only been at making designs for a few weeks in my spare time. I’ve sort of been thru trial and error, and although may favorite is my rustic old Ford, I also enjoy making “race” looking super cars. I’m not that great at this since I’m just starting out, but I’d definitely love some feed back, advice, improvements, etc. All these are available for download some are for H2 or F5.

Ferrari LaFerrari H2 (did this to be a clean look, to match the lines of the car, but just enough style to keep it a “race” look available on the Livery “Ferrari Race”)

Ford F100 H2 (Sorry this is my first rust job, not as good as most but I like it available on the Livery “rat rod”)

Here is a few more designs up on the livery! All are titled if you search for them “monster energy”. Also, if any of you would like to use any of my Monster Energy logos, I have them up as well. I have 3 outlined logos titled “monster red” “monster blue” “monster black”(shown on the Shelby), and the same titles for the monster text and logo shown on the Nismo below. Every logo has three renditions of blue, red, and green, all available for download only Forza H2 XboxOne!

H2 - Nismo IDx

Some really great paints here, I gotta get me that rat truck, I love em dirty!!!

Thanks man, I’m working on another ratty whip, so stay tuned!

I have so many designs that I have done and I want to make RUSTY VERSIONS of them but can’t get that rusty look, if you or anyone else who can help me that would be great

But I love your designs and I love how you did the Ferrari and how you made the paint to suit those rims, I love it.

What I did on the illest logos and my “Mitchell’s garage” Logo on the rat truck was I made them at a cream white and put brown red paint splats over them and set the splats at about 70% transparency. Then, I used my base color of the trucks paint and used splats over the text to make it look chipped and faded, same thing though except using full transparency, but you have to play with those pixelated splats to get what your looking for over logos. Trial and error basically. Hope that helps!

Available for download! Just got done with this 2009 Focus RS Ken Block replica, I chose this car because its a little wider than the fiesta. Description is “Block monster Ken” and file name is “monster Ken Block” Enjoy!

EDIT I tried to do a better lightning bolt spin pattern to replicate Ken’s car. So here is the NEW design for you all!



Daaamn I looove the Focus!! So clean!! Your paints are awesome dude!!

Thanks bigdude! The more I do the better I get, my next one is Ken’s Gymkana five rep. Using the focus ST for this one. I just finished up his “Skull 43” logo which was my first cartoon style logo, and the more I played with it, I have my own ways of making them look pretty legit. So stay tuned man, more to come! and I’m glad you like them!

Well I can’t wait to see that Focus ST 'cause mine is empty and desperately need a paint :slight_smile: By the way have you considered giving a try at the Hoonicorn? It looks pretty badass and it seems you could handle it well.

Yes, I actually have considered it. Only problem is I’ll have to use the new mustang, which isn’t a problem. I can work on that also! I love ken’s style of his cars. And they are very complex and hard to replicate. I love the way the focus turned out, and if you look at his rallycross fiesta… it looks very very close to his. So I’ll work on them both. and I’m trying to do the cars that are free or most of us have so everyone can enjoy the paints. I first started a few months ago and after my rat truck… I flourished! It’s addicting but I’m an artist in the real world, so this is fun for me! I’ll make the Hoonicorn, and I’ve seen others try it… no where near what his is, but luckily I already made the green outline monster logo.

I too love his cars :slight_smile: I know a lot of people don’t like Ken Block cars because people made way too much Gymkhana replicas in the past Forzas. But now that it’s impossible to gift designs there aren’t many because as you said they are truly difficult to make. Only a few can achive the level of detail you put on your paints.
I too made two Ken Block designs,

the 1st Gymkhana Subaru

and the Raptortrax

but they aren’t as good as yours :slight_smile: You should put that Focus in this week’s livery contest if you want to show your design to the most people. I participated each week since the 12th and two of my designs are close to 1000 downloads an uses. The contest closes tomorrow night so you’ll have time to think bout it.

Where do I go to do that? I would post an entry to the contest!

Here’s the link. Don’t forget to read the rules :wink:

Like that raptor! They are fun to make, this gymkana 5 paint is hard to get that “lava rock” look on his car…

Looking good

Thanks for the feedback Hotrod! Having issues with this gymkhana five paint. I have one side painted but that stupid lava rock eats up almost all of my allowed layers on it. because each rock is about 4 layers, and there are ton to fill the car, so I can’t put all the little sponsor logos down, just a few.

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve gotten done so far, still wrapping up the front, top, and rear.

Well, here it is. My replica of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five Fiesta. I couldn’t add all my layer groups of the decals for the car, as I maxed out layers on certain areas. So this is the best I could do. Available now on the livery! (2013 Ford Focus ST file “gymkhana monster” description “gymkhana block monster”)

Woaw duude!! Another masterpiece!! Can’t wait to drive this beauty :slight_smile: