My Custom Races

Hello all!

I’m trying to get the hang of making races (either fun or serious) and I’m gonna just share what I’ve made here and I’d like feedback no matter how nice or harsh it may be!

First off I have a fairly short 1.5 mile race but fun at the same time involving dinosaurs, the car used is a 1998 Volkswagen GTI VR6 MK3 C-Class during clear weather in the afternoon.

Code: 163 081 298
(Edit: For some reason when I played it again the dinosaurs and other props disappeared so this race is pretty much obsolete unless you all can still see them)

I’ll post more codes as I make new races.

Fun little pop, I felt like I was racing for my life ! playing on unbeatable difficulty w/ no assist (at this point I don’t even know if difficulty matters on custom races because I always get pretty far ahead by race end), I took first right b4 the first jump. shame the archway jump is right after a turn, I ran a little wide and snuck between dino’s under the arch. I flashback’ed to try the arch-jump again, and wasn’t fast enough to clear it. the AI seemed to pretty much miss clearing the jump also. just giving my feedback, it is a fun play. Thanks for your effort !

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Thanks for the feedback mate, I’ll definitely be looking in to where I put my placements in the future.

Just created a short route, although it’s not a proper race, it’s more of an adventure type map which takes around a minute to complete.
Title: The Hidden World
Description: You decide to detour from your route only to find a cave filled with history and mysteries.
Code: 402 930 996