My Current List of Bugs (v1.116.458.2) [PC]

I love cars and have been a Forza fan since the original. I was initially excited to hear Forza 7 would be released on PC. And in the first 2 weeks I was reasonably happy with the product. There were bugs but I thought it’s OK, they will sort them out. Now that 3 months have passed I am not happy. I have completed the main campaign and have over 70hrs driving but it hasn’t all been enjoyable. Forza 7 is easily the most bug ridden version I have experienced, and each patch just seems to bring more bugs, and ignoring some obvious ones. Please Turn 10, dedicate some more resources to fixing these before adding any new features. I keep thinking someone else would report these, so just in case they haven’t… here are my issues:

  1. Windows Store - The blue “Check Your Account. Forza 7 Motorsport is currently not available in your account” dialog on launch. My error code is 0x803F8001. This happens almost every time I launch the game and is by far the most frustrating issue. My only solution at present is to uninstall a small app and re-install it from the store. It might well be a Store problem but this only happens with Forza 7 and sometimes Horizon 3 for me, nothing else. (I know many have reported this one)

  2. Crashes to desktop - These have also happened since day 1. There appears to be no pattern here for me that I can tell, except it’s usually when loading something, like a new screen. It rarely happens during a race, but I think it has from memory. Over the 3 months I would have had say 20-30 CTD’s in F7. This does not happen in Horizon 3 nor any of my other 100’s of games\apps.
    I can supply event log errors\logs but I’m trying to keep the text under the limit.

  3. Choppy Menu Animations - I’m referring to the pause in smooth animation of menu items. If you watch the driver movement and in the car selection menu’s there are frequent pauses. The animations ( cars and driver) pause for up to a second, then continue on, but it keeps happening. This has been there since day 1 but I think it’s gotten worse in the later versions. I really can’t see any reason for this and it does detract from the usual professional presentation we have come to expect from Forza products. Surely the whole animation can be loaded into ram. It’s like it pauses to load from disk but I don’t think it is. Seems more like a coding\sequence issue. Maybe the car one is getting worse as I collect more cars?

  4. Forzathon - After a long delay from release we finally had it working for a month or so. It was great until v1.114 now mine just is greyed out constantly showing “Coming Soon”. It has been this way for 4-6 weeks.

  5. Title Screen Status- On launch, the title screen does not remember the full-screen setting, it always starts in a window (taskbar and title bar still visible). It’s not until it loads the main menu that it switches to full-screen. A minor thing but it looks bad.

  6. Title Screen Mouse - Also on the title screen, the mouse pointer does not disappear when you move the XBox controller buttons (like it does on Horizon 3). In fact even after loading the main menu the mouse pointer is still visible. I have to keep moving it over to the right side to hide it. Minor but annoying and should be a simple fix.

  7. Title Screen Audio - I have randomly had the background music get stuck in a loop, like a DJ repeating scratching a record. After 2-10 sec or so it sorts itself out but I have even had this happen in game when loading certain menus. Rare but annoying. This also seems to be linked to a really long load time before showing the main menu.

  8. On-Track Stutter\pause\pulsing - This seems to have gotten worse, not better since release. I’ve noticed the latest nVidia drivers 38x.xx onwards seem to introduce more random stutter\pulsing for me for some reason. I have gone back to 378.92 as this provides silky smooth driving with no pulsing in Horizon 3, and some of the issues go away in Forza 7, but not all. I even tried the latest 390.x but it’s no better than the 380’s. There is a sort of a random pulsing of motion when driving, it’s not smooth, even though the framerate is constantly above 60fps. I am definitely not imagining this, but I’m not sure what the cause is. I force custom settings in-game to 2560 x 1440 res and 100% scaling but everything else on max. This works great in Horizon 3 with FPS locked at 75. Unfortunately F7 only offers 60 or unlocked, so I use 60 with v-sync. I have tried unlocked but 60 +v-sync seems to give the best (smoothest) result even with the 378 driver.
    And while we are talking drivers, is it really necessary to reset the graphics settings every time a driver is updated? Very annoying and it happens in H3 as well. Non-Forza games don’t seem to have this issue.

  9. AI Inconsistency? - This is a strange one but if I go to Free Play and setup a race using Unbeatable difficulty, before the race I can’t get into Starting Grid to see the opposition, it’s greyed out.
    So I run the race, and I can’t help but notice the opposition just pull away on the straights, even right till the last lap. I have won some races but if you start at the back of a full grid, you pretty much have no chance of winning even with aggressive late braking (mostly). But when the race finishes, and I look at the other cars, they are all spec’ed up to 30 points above my car.
    Is that by design? I thought the difficulty was changing to better drivers, or does it actually mean they have better cars? The strange thing is though, this doesn’t seem to happen every time. Sometimes the other cars are all in the same point range within a few points.
    The result is that the AI seems inconsistent. Sometimes it just seems there is nothing you can do to win a Free Play race. Maybe there is a random element built into the code, or is it a bug?

  10. Benchmark - It’s great that you added this but for me it has never worked smoothly. Massive texture pop-in, sometimes very long load times, audio delays. I have even had a 4 sec. freeze during the BM which didn’t do much for my results. It doesn’t seem to reflect the in game experience which makes it… less useful.

Sorry for the long post and I do hope that someone at Forza is listening. Please restore my confidence in a great brand name.
The way things are currently, I wonder if files are getting changed and they need to be verified. Steam has a great feature for dealing with this, but I’m not sure Forza does?
With all the CTD’s that happen, is it possible some files are damaged\altered and then not getting repaired, causing further issues?

Windows 10 64Bit v1709 16299.192
Intel i7-7700k stock with 32GB Ram
EVGA nVidia Geforce 1080Ti stock
Geforce 378.92 driver
Acer Predator 27" G-Sync @ 2560 x 1440 res.
F7 installed on Samsung M2 Storage.