My Cars are not Appearing

Hi everyone, I have issue after forza horizon 3 team gave us lamborgini huracan of all stars pack, first when i get to the my cars menu it takes long time of loading then there are alot of cars That i can see there names but they are hidden and the option of get in the car working but when I choose it the game crashes when i try to get , I tried to remove the lamborgini huracan but i can’t remove it

I want help from you guys because my level is more then 100 and I don’t want it go away :tired_face::tired_face:

You did get the Content Update, correct? Then you got the Car Pack? Make sure it is fully installed by going into Manage game from the menu on FH3 itself.

If those items have been 100% installed, do a full hard reset of your console and then try again: