My car stops when going faster than 200 mphs

So since the game has come out I have not been able to push my car past 200 mph or it forces my car to stop I have a few video clips of my cars doing it and the game has become quite frustrating to play.


Wondering how much latency has to do with this. Have you tried it in solo mode?

What are you playing on, PC or Xbox?

I only play on X1X and X1S, have yet to experience this and I’ve gone over 270mph.

A friend put up a clip where he appeared to hit and invisible wall over 260 in air off of a danger sign, but it’s never happened to me. Friend has high ping rate.

Yeah i’v never had this despite seeing videos of it online. My connection is 150/15Mb/s if that is anything to do with it.

Happens to everyone now and again, you can be chasing people on the motorway and the map doesn’t load quick enough so it stops your car.

Or it might be switching you over to another server in the background and that resets your speed?

Or it might be switching you over to another server in the background and that resets your speed?

Ignore all the nonsense everyone will post on this.

It’s not lag or latency. I had the same problem and chased it for months to no avail. It’s because your Xbox cannot think fast enough. That’s literally all it is. It sucks they made a game that’s incompatible with the original Xbox one and not warned anyone but that’s Microsoft and their affiliates for you.

Your options are sell the game or buy an Xbox one x.
I gave up on FH4 and my girlfriend ended up getting me the gold rush edition one x as a present for my birthday.

Tried it again out if curiosity and not had a single problem since. It’s an in world streaming issue caused by the Xbox one not being able to “think” solely on the game. It runs the dash, capture card and loads of other bloat all at once and can’t sufficiently run FH4.


I have a standard XBOne and have never had this problem.

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That’s what lag, and latency are. The computer update can’t keep up, and I think the car probably hits a hole in the road. It doesn’t happen to me very often, but it does happen in the same places on the different roads.

It has happens to me while in the air after the windmill danger sign jump.

Oh well that blows my theory out of the water.

It only happens when i’m online, as soon as i go back to solo i can blast down the motorway at any speed i like and the game can keep up. So yeah, it’s not the console that’s the problem.


It happens in solo also, but not as frequently as online. I don’t think I’ve ever had it happen during a race or even freeroam rush though.


I played the game on the OG X-one before playing it on the One-X. I’ve had no issues on either console no matter how fast I was going, online or offline.

I have 3 standard xbox one’s that have never had this problem. Another case of someone thinking they know what’s wrong when they really don’t. Sigh.

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I get this alot if i got past 265mph and i’m using a X1S with a 55mbps wired connection.

I don’t think it is because of an old console. I an still running the original XB1 that came with FM5 so it is as old as you can get and I’ve never experienced what has been described above. Now it could be console related to a part failure such the HDD or network card.

I can only comment on my experiences but 100% the issue was my console not being able to run the game. I had a generic black 500gb Xbox one with a wired 103mb/s connection. It didn’t matter being in WiFi either.

I factory reset my console a few times and did every single thing their support asked me to do to no avail.

My “fix” was the upgrade. Happens a lot. My old thread is lurking in here somewhere and is still being “INVESTIGATED”. Support sucks here.

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I get this problem semi-regularly, when I approach ridiculously high speeds on long straight sections. I go faster and faster until “poof”, it’s like I hit an invisible brick wall and I just start driving at low speeds again. Racing down roads at insane high speeds is the only time it happens.

Just throwing something out there…. could it be AI cars that has not loaded yet? sometimes I experience that cars pops out of nowhere, like my game has not loaded it yet. I could imagine with less power or latency, that these cars might not even show… but that you just hit the invisible car?

I run an Xbox one X, so cars emerging just in front of me is the closest I have gotten to something similar and I have run 1000+ runs of beyond 265 MPH

rgds Jake