My Car Just Died for No Apparent Reason

I was driving my CR-X around the Nordschleife (in the rain) in Rivals mode when, all of the sudden, my car just stopped working.

I had been driving for a while (I don’t know how many laps I had done, as I was playing with the HUD turned off and wasn’t keeping count), but, on one lap, I went through a puddle and the vibration effect kicked in (as usual), but the controller kept vibrating long after the car was past the puddle. I immediately applied the brakes and came to a stop to try to figure out what was going on with my car/controller. Eventually, the controller stopped vibrating, so I thought that it was just a controller glitch and that I’d start driving again… But I couldn’t! I pressed the clutch in, applied the gas, released the clutch, but nothing happened. The telemetry HUD said that I was pressing RT, but the engine wouldn’t rev.

According to the telemetry HUD, there was no damage to the vehicle apart from 4% damage to the transmission (which was the result of another glitch) and the tires, which were, obviously, a bit worn. There was, however, no damage to the engine or clutch.

Quitting the event resolved the issue, but I didn’t check to see if changing the transmission and/or damage settings did anything.

Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

Sounds like you ran out of fuel. If you had damage on then fuel use and tyre wear are a factor. And seemingly, you don’t get many miles per gallon on this game!

D’OH! I feel dumb. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your fuel gauge is the white bar at the bottom right of your HUD, underneath the currently selected gear. It goes grey as it runs out - it’s not very apparent!

You ran out of gas ?