My car goes in to a slow motion during drive

do you know why…like some type of slow motion dodge ability…it slow down in time to see whats going to happen?

mine did this when I changed to a new broadband provider with new fandango router… much quicker up/down internet speed but for some unexplained reason I would get slow down … then fast-forward to catch up… normally at the worst moments
I then changed to a wired connection to the router and it went away - so for me it was the WiFi between router & Xbox …old router , xbox was fine on wifi

It’s probably a problem with your internet. For example, if you’re downloading something while playing the game and don’t have enough bandwith (speed) for both, you will experience slow down in Forza and then it will speed back up like Honor Virtus described.

okay…i have wifi btw…

thank you both

not only, i have fast and good internet 100 Mb/s 20-30 ping. I have two different partition windows 10, one old, and brand new installed with all updates. In old partition game working normaly but windows have problems with my new Wheel the FFB dot working, but in new windows 10 FFB working but I have issue with this annoing SLOW MOTION after slow motion game speeds up 2 times faster for couple secounds. The same like in this video> Network Slow-mo glitch in FH4 - YouTube

  1. You have rubbish Wi-Fi internet at home.

  2. Game servers are under strain or going HAL9000 again today.

Delete one of the above.

I’ve got 500mbs/s internet speed, and a wired connection.

I’m still getting slow downs and speed ups all the time. Anyone know a fix for this? The game is basically unplayable

I have the same issue but with Horizon 5 XD

vertical sync off and lock 60fps . this is how i solved my problem

it has nothing to do with connection its performance issue either lower FPS or setting and remove vertical sync just started playing forza games on forza horizon 5 there is nothing like this all works fine for me on forza horizon 4 i was getting slow playback while driving thought maybe there is an option setting for that went thought all setting in video seems there is nothing so turned a bit of settings and 99% works fine but there is an option for this slow playback in forza horizon 5 i just started forza horizon 4 two days ago so maybe i am wrong but when this slow happens mostly from CPU when it reach 100% usage