My apex designs close replica allowed in fm5?

First time writing on a forum so I do apologise if I am writing this in the wrong place.

I have recreated a replica that Adam, I believe it was, (APEX DESIGNS) created on Forza 4. G’ZOX Impreza. I am aware the car is based on the JGTC and i’ve recreated it to the 2004 Impreza. What do you guys think if I brought it over to Forza 5? Am I allowed to do this? Thanks for any feedback.

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Well first anything you created from scratch is allowed in the storefront… Second I would see if it was an original livery, in which case get in touch with the artist and ask permission (recreation of an original work is flattering but not always appreciated ya dig?)… if it was a replica of a real world car to begin with than it shouldn’t be a problem to post…

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure exactly what his Gamer Tag is as I don’t own Forza 4 anymore. I don’t suppose you know it? Thanks.

I think as far as the TOS go, you’re good. The original author of the livery may be quite [Mod edit - WSD, profanity], but that’s another story.

Only Adam I remember from that crew was ARMIPOTENT ADAM or something like that… It’s been years bud sorry I can’t be more help… He may not care either way considering the meager pay out on F5… Just credit the creator on the livery if you decide to post… In anycase nice worrk

Thanks I have messaged Adam so I’ll just wait and see what kind of reply I get whether I can upload or not. I’ve spent many hours recreating everything from scratch on my Xbox One as you can’t send anything from the 360. It would be nice to get it on the Storefront and maybe even featured. Credit by Adam would be written to say he created it and hopefully gave me the permission. Thanks for your help guys.

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This was an original livery done by H3rTz DoNuT. I did a G’Zox 350Z in FM4, but that was it. Nonetheless, as log as you copy/replicate designs on your own, without hacking, there is absolutely no harm in that. I had a lot of my designs replicated when I was active and always took it as a compliment. If you put in the work, post it, but you should give credit to the original designer as that’s only fair.


FM5 needs you.


No poblem. Nice work, by the way.

Too darn busy, man. With school and work, I just don’t have the time. Thanks though.

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Brilliant! Thanks a lot

excellent job Rob

I like the impreza its a nice car and a nice job you did recreating it keep it up

the paint looks super cool, but as said by PistoI Poet, some people get a little touchy if you copy there work best it so ask, if they cool and not on forza 5 it may be cool.

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looks good man but always ask first to do someone else original paint. i do other ppl replicas to but i ask them before some may get upset :frowning:

Thanks for the messages guys I appreciate the compliments. Love the paint job since it was on FM4

xTCFx oIDRAMAIo - I know some people don’t like their car being a replica by someone else. I’ll would always ask before I upload my version of someone else’s paint job but it is rare I’d do so but if they don’t reply or don’t want me to upload then I wont but i’d still make it just for personal use :slight_smile: I know some people don’t like their car being a replica by someone else . Thanks for the time to look at my paint and appreciate the compliment to my work :slight_smile: