My 3 custom tracks (street race 18mi and 2 gti tracks)

Hello Guys, hope you’re all good !

I’d love to share with you my three custom races I’ve made :

"Town’s Peak" : 850 832 685 Town-Hill — ImgBB [Street Race A to B]

It’s inspired by a real-world race Event called “Pikes Peak” but starting from… The Guanajuato Town!
Around 18mi long which makes you cross the town with tights turns, ending at the top of the Volcano!

GTi Short Race : 425 144 100 Town-GTI — ImgBB

This one is made in the center of Guanajuato - few straight and narrow turns, I do enjoyed playing it with D to B class cars

"Narrow Walled Mulégé" : 149 091 946 [video of a full lap : FH5 - Narrow Walled Mulégé [part 1] - YouTube ]
Narrow-Walled-Mul-g — ImgBB

My last but no least race-track. Mulégé has been mandated to carry a Regional Grand Prix and decided to put narrow walls and improvised vibrors. You may have seen a straight line on the satellite map, but be careful of the hand-made chicane!