Mutliplayer still completely broken - ETA For FIX?

It has been 4 weeks since launch.
Nice single player game

Multiplayer is only frustration due to bugs / network issues / invisible players in all modes. No fun playing it really due to those bugs.

Year 2021. Feels more like 1998. No wait! 1998 there were chat features in most multiplayer online games so people could interact properly with each other.
These days - just stupid 4 sentences you can select:

  1. “Hi”,
  2. “I want to race” (which is not working),
  3. “how are you” (without option to explain how you are),
  4. “blablabla nonsense” )

No one using that. Just annoying. Kids below 5 - who cannot type maybe - was this the target group?

It will never be fixed, they left it broken in FH4, why should they fix it? People log in every day, suckers on spreadsheets are all that matters, not game play. As long as you take your assigned slot on that spreadsheet, they don’t care if you hate the game, you still play it. No need to fix anything. Matter of fact, they can keep breaking things and these forums will still produce the suckers lining up for that golden spreadsheet position.

You can change the messages.

Yeah bit of a ghost town driving around the map unless you’re in solo mode.