Mute online players

Please, can anyone help me? How to silence everyone in online races? I played with a guy who was supposed to be in a tornado.
In menus in free roam, I can mute one by one, but in online adventure dont


Try this, head to Sign in to your Microsoft account and scroll to “Others can communicate with voice, text, or invites” and change to friends or block


There should be an in-game option for this. Turing this off in your account settings is overkill. Clearly a bug, or playground games don’t like us muting players :frowning:


With me a guy started the helicopter in an entire match, I evened, in the other match the guy yells at me yelling “I’m gonna win this one”

OoO Ok, I’ll try, was marked for “all” but I playing on the pc will it solve? I will test and then I communicate here

YEAP! it works well, thank you so much!

Thanks so much for this. I had to listen to a party of players today for 3 races before the server bumped me. It was like being at the cinema while everyone around me was eating!!

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This is ridiculous.

I can’t mute other players like the above people have mentioned. I can’t have randos screaming obsceneties or just generally being idiots when i’m streaming!!

What makes it worse is that I’m in party chat, but the game isn’t picking that up as I’m using the xbox companion app to manage the party, NOT the xbox (I do this to easily pipe xbox party chat through to OBS > Stream).

I shouldn’t have to go to a system/account level option to disable all non-friend comms. This is not hard to implement Playground!


Just start a party with no one in it. It’s the easiest way. If using a PC, start a party in the Xbox app. There should be a mute all option, it would be nice. You used to be able to do it one by one during drive to’s but that was gone in H4 with the removal of drive to’s.

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Another good alternative is to just find their gamertag in Xbox app (Xbox Game Bar on PC) and block them there. That will mute them in the game as well.

Except the graphical part, the online looks like a copy paste of FH4. FH4 began having online with all mic opened by default, so seems to be the case for FH5. I guess that instead of improving it adding the required features, they will simply go with same solution applied to FH4 that lead to public chat death.

This FH team has always this very Wishmaster way to solve issues in a way nobody expects.

In the mean time, like share above you can just start a private chat which mute everyone in a single action or, not the easiest but here it is, you identify the gamertag, you search for it in the xbox app and you mute him ( using phone app reduces the risk of missing next race). At least it was working few months ago.

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As title suggests, there is absolutely no way to mute ANYONE while playing Forza Horizon 5. I bought the premium game and play on PC through the xbox app. I also don’t have the personalize option on the app to where i can mute anyone except friends, literally the option is just not there before anyone suggests that.

Anyway i have only played 3 games online and have hated it. Each game there was 1 person who just ruined the game for everyone because theres no way to mute them.

  • first game this troubled teen kept yelling volger things into the mic with his friend because i was beating him in his own car, in his own race that he randomly invited me to as i drove by him. As that was my first interaction with anyone in the game i said “okay i will try and play with people online since convoys never work and i’m actually able to be online for longer than a minute right now” big mistake

  • second time someone must of had a connect mic plugged into their pc somehow or laid their headset right against their monitors speakers because all we heard was their game really loud in their mic.

  • 3rd and last time i had to listen to some UK or Australian guy talk to someone very loudly for 10 minutes and then towards the end non stop whistle right into his mic.

For a game that had completely nailed FH4 i have been highly disappointed with the release of this game and major lack of features that work or features that just weren’t brought over.



I’m having the opposite. I can’t hear anyone and there’s not anything in the options saying why I can’t. Their mics light up but no sound comes out.

yeah, what the hell, I had a guy commenting something in german during the game…

this is the stupidest thing to overlook
seriously, i had to listen to some mouthbreathing racist abuse his child for an entire race and there is nothing I can do about it
full on screaming and shouting in the background and everyone else in the whole race just has to listen to it.

i guess the people who make this game only ever use lan with in house teams

…and no, turning off all communication for the whole microsoft account across all platforms and games is NOT a solution

I always have the TV monitor volume on zero when playing FH5. If I want ‘background noise’ I just ask The Wife what ‘social-media-plop’ she’s been digging up on her phone.
Then it’s in one ear and out of the other for the duration. All sorted & everyone here is a happy bunny ! :o)

1/ Start a private chat
2/ Search for the player on your phone app and mute him
3/ Block every communication to you
4/ Wait for the FH team to kill chat feature (done on FH4)
5/ Quit races with noisy players

I know it’s probably been said before but i can’t believe there isn’t an option to disable hearing others screaming etc. into their microphones, didn’t expect this coming from a game with multiplayer features in 2021


Interesting as I just thought other players were disabled by default…when I have done online events, I have noticed the mic icon flashing to indicate the player was talking yet I don’t hear anything and I haven’t changed any settings related to audio.

Just checked my Microsoft account settings and I have everything enabled that would be needed to hear other players.

Edit: I wonder if it’s related to me using my headset through the controller? I notice in the known issues list: “Audio - Rebooting the console with headphones plugged into the controller and then booting the game results in only the radio audio being heard”. My headset is permanently connected to the controller so that may be related

They need to add an in-game option to mute others, that’s for sure. I am on PC and ran into a guy who was hotmic-ing ALL of his game sound back to the rest of the lobby. I couldn’t hear my own game sound over his game sound, which of course was 1-2 seconds behind what I was seeing on screen (to say nothing of being centered on a DIFFERENT CAR).

I frantically tried to search some way to change chat audio levels independent of game audio, but the game offers no such option (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?)