Music no longer changing in races?

Since the last update I seem to only ever hear one song in a race now. Previously it would play the current song which would then finish and the next one would start. However now the song that starts playing will continue to play until the end of the event.

I’ve had it twice now with songs I know well; instead of finishing when it gets near the end it seamlessly loops back to near the start and continues to do this until the race finishes. Is it just me having this? I swear it never used to do it! I know the music has always looped in menus but it’s really obvious in race when you know the song.

I’ve also heard one song looping for a long amount of time (usually in Goliath runs). However, in my experiences, the song will finally change after about 20 minutes for 4 minute songs, but it does take a good while, and it will usually loop for the entirety of almost every other race in the game.

It’s always been like that. At least for me. I listen to Epitaph Radio, and all songs there will play for 6-10 minutes with a few loops in a race, then move on to the next. Normally, those songs are only about 2-3 minutes each, with a couple of them lasting around 3 1/2 minutes each.


Yeah, it’s always been like that. A while ago I wanted to attempt to record one of the songs for my personal music library because I couldn’t find the version in the game anywhere online, but it’s just not possible since it loops itself for what seems like indefinitely and changes sometimes when you switch stations.

Yeah I agree. Always been that way for me.

What was new. Will doing the jumps on danger ones my radio kep skipping. Had shortest skill song ever. Granted it could have bee this way the whole time. I obviously never did that many danger zone jumps back to back before. But my radio never finished a song. Songs pause while in the air so probably a part of the culprit to what ever was going on

This has been happening for me since release. It finally got to the point when it was driving me insane, since I usually do 30 lap races on circuit tracks for more money, so I’m running with radio off ever since. Shame really, this game has such a great soundtrack but something as minor as this ruins it.

I do multi-lap Goliath races regularly, and I can confirm that the songs are looped for roughly 10 minutes. After this, the next song starts abruptly and loops again. It’s funny because the timing is so that I hear exactly one song per Goliath lap.

Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. It does seem that when I start an event, the same songs just play FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR.

I’m noticing that when I’m racing, for example the Goliath circuit that the tracks do not change. I’ve been racing on that track now for 18 minutes and the entire time it’s been Cut Copy “Lights And Music”. I know that song doesn’t last 18 minutes. It’s just playing over and over again. Even if I’m on a short one lap circuit the song will not change, it just plays the same track. It doesn’t start and finish then restart, it’s just repetitively playing the same song without any breaks.

Anyone else getting this?

Timeless the “classical” station does seem to change songs during laps of Goliath. It also has the longest track which makes it very handy for skill songs…

It just so happens I like listening to classical music so it’s no hardship either… The track changes are usually accompanied by a few seconds of “dead air”…

Groove music has been totally bugged (including this bug) ever since I started using it for my own soundtrack. The same tracks always skip and bug out at the same point as well.

The songs definitely do repeat during races. It’s pretty annoying at times. I usually just turn the radio off if I’m going to be doing a longer race.