Multiple Updates

I am in the Process of Updating Forza 7 and Forza Horizon 4. This will be the Third Update of Forza 7 this month, 1 at the start of the month, one Yesterday and now today All 98GB in size.
Forza 4 Horizons is the Second of the month @ 48Gb.

I played Forza 4 once Last year for 15 minutes and have yet to be able to play Forza 7 as it does not appear on my profile.

I bought Forza 7 standard edition, and a copy came Free with the Xbox One X , only One shows up on the Xbox, but since tis the same game, no problems. yet going onto the PC it only shows up on my wife’s profile, not on mines.

Forza 4 Horizon was on the Xbox One, Transferred overt to the Xbox One X plays no problem on both of our user profiles on the Xbox and Computer Profiles.

So as you can understand, it get really annoying to have LARGE updates coming in 2 days in a row for a game that even though I bought, its not on my profile on the computer.

Yes I know - “Just log in as your Wife and play”, this I can do, but I like to respect My wife’s Privacy on the computer, so although its a valid work around, its not what is meant to happen with the play it anywhere!

as we are on the subject! “WE” my wife and I had the Xbox Gold and the Xbox play subscriptions , which I was under the impression that it was a “Family” availability, it did not work! everything went onto my wife’s profile but not mines, so we now only have the Xbox Gold, and that’s on a sticky wicket!

All of the purchases went in MY name . Via MY account, and were paid for on MY visa card… Yet I cannot play… rather miffed by it all!