Multiple issues after latest update

After an update yesterday I have the following issues:

  1. Controller is no longer vibrating at the correct time when the revs reach the redline (I use a X-Box controller and play the game with all assists off and gearbox on manual with no clutch).
  2. Other cars’ brake lights no longer seem to be coming on.
  3. There are strange patches of light in the car interior that turn when I turn the steering wheel.

Anyone else had these issues?

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Nothing as drastic as that so far. I did however noticed, and have become utterly frustrated with the game no longer allowing you to race your car unless its upgraded close to the Pi limit. I have always loved racing with stock versions of cars of any class as a way to challenge myself, but after the patch 2 days ago, it just doesnt let me enter any race if i dont upgrade my cars close to the Pi limit… its kinda annoying now.

Keep raising your voices guys! The vibration/FFB issue is unacceptable. It might get resolved soon if we keep pressing T10 to at least acknowledge it, and possibly have a time frame for the patch.

I’m playing other games for now, as I prefer not to hold my breath over this.

Overall, my FFB is the same on my Thrustmaster TX, but since the update it has randomly started spinning violently and the buttons and pedals become unresponsive. Only way to solve it is to unplug it and plug it back in.

I would also like to say that the proximity arrows, though sometimes useful, are pretty useless when you’re coming up to a turn (especially during the first lap of a race) and 10 arrows appear IN FRONT of you. Really? I CAN SEE THOSE CARS, I DON’T NEED ARROWS TELLING ME THEY’RE THERE.

Yes, I am seeing the same issues. I hope Turn 10 gets them fixed soon.

T10 did confirm knowledge of the vibrating problem and that they’re working on it. Patience now becomes a virtue.