Multiple copies of the same car

Hi, can someone explain me why:

  1. i’m getting multiple copies of the same car
  2. what to do with them - i can auction regular cars but in case of Forza edition cars this option is not available.

What is the point of all those multiple duplicate cars?

You absolutely can auction FE cars…i do it all the time

I usually just delete/remove the duplicate cars now…most wont sell in the auction house even at minimum bid

Really? I have a bunch of duplicate FE cars that can’t be auctioned.

Those are most likely cars that are gifted to you, which ones are those and did you get them from BH events or something similar?

I have 2 or more copies of every car that I regulary use with different liveries and/or tunes.
You can’t auction gifted cars, doesn’t mather if they are FE editions or not.

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