Multiplayer Wreckers

I’ve been playing about seven weeks by now. I know what gaming forums are like and understand that I might only get sneers and abuse and told to ‘just do better’ for posting this, but for what it’s worth here we are. I’d like some advice if anyone is kind enough.

You see, something I find useful about multiplayer lobbies is that you can store a car you haven’t made enough credits for in your ‘Rewards’ until you have the credits, then buy it at a 400K discount. So if I have a car as a next level-up prize that I won’t have the credits for I’ll go multiplayer and store it away for when I have.

In multiplayer I tend to race in the A, B, C, D or E class forums. I’ve probably taken part in about 100 or more such races.

So far I have never - not even once - completed the first lap of a multiplayer race without being rolled, spun, or shoved into a fence or the sand. Often the shover is so intent on their malicious shoving that they end up in the fence with me. I have maybe once or twice finished in the top half of the field, and that has only been when those behind me who don’t retire are involved in a slug-fest or two of their own.

So how do you do it? How do you survive the first lap of a race without some idiot spinning you or putting you out of contention? Do you have to be at the front of the grid to get away to survive? Is this just the way the game is and I should just ‘deal with it’?

Apart from one or two people who start at the front of the grid, the multiplayer events just seem like a wreck fest. What about having a destruction derby race for these people? Or is the idea to shove as many others off the track as possible in your pursuit of a top-half finish?

I’d quite like to just take part in a few races rather than feel like I have to act like a bowling ball at a skittle alley on the first bend. I don’t especially wish to be banned for bad driving as I’d like to continue to do multiplayer races with my son who lives in a different country.

Avoiding crashes comes down to reading the road ahead of you, predicting where people will go and ultimately making sure your car isn’t where their car is by the time you get there.

There’s not much you can do about the other players and their behaviour as “lack of skill” and “unsportsmanlike conduct” has been a problem in Forza lobbies for a decade, but if you try your best to stay out of trouble you’ll end up having better races.

Worst-case, you need to find a community of like-minded players who focus on racing “cleanly”.

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I am new to FM7 multiplayer and find the online behavior very disappointing. I’ve concluded that this game is aimed mainly at children who think that bumper cars is the only kind of racing. Lack of skill and maturity can sometimes ruin the public online racing for intelligent people. Best option is probably private lobby with invited guests who can be kicked if they turn out to be idiots? Looks like someone is attempting a solution via the beta lobby with rules. I recently raced with someone who needed to knock me off the track in order to win. I ended up winning by time because I had much less penalty time added. That was funny: a cheater ended up knocking himself out of first place. Maybe check out the beta lobby with experimental rules. Some of you might remember Nascar Racing 2, in which the wreckers were a problem. The solution was private league racing. We will always have idiots among us who lack the skill and intelligence to race within the rules. I guess in the end all you can do is quietly look down on them and feel sorry for them. (Just thought I’d try my hand at troll baiting, which I’ve read is wicked good fun.) Cheers!

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