Multiplayer Servers Down UK

Hey guys, im from Derby UK and just tried to drop in a multiplayer hopper and the servers are down.

A message:

Feature unavailable

The Forza Motorsport servers are not available at this time.
Please try again later.

Anyone know why they are offline or when we can expect them to be back up and running?

Also cannot share paints or tunes.



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Same here, central US.

Yup down for me too, UK.

Hi mate im from the uk aswell and im experiencing te same problem.
hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Thanks t10 for updates… ridiculous

same in Germany

I agree. If a problem has arisen unexpectedly then T10 wouldnt have know prior to warn about down time??

But it would be a bit dissapointing if it is planned maintenece and the devs hadnt bothered to warn us eg:

Battlefield 4 make it aware on menu screen when maintenece date and time slot is going to be.

Same here in the US and I just set a #1 and don’t know if it saved

Aaaaand it’s back. Just a hiccup

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Hopefully they’ve fixed some of the known connectivity issues in the process! :slight_smile:

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It’s back up but my time didn’t save :((

Sorry to hear that mate, i feel your pain…