Multiplayer racing friends designs are not visible

Me and a large group of friends regularly get together and do race and drift lobbies, completely gob smacked with the game but since the launch date our designs (which we spend hours on, hours with which we could be doing more logical thing’s) are not visible to each other. We’ve (atleast 10 of us) have checked all settings and as we can see the drivatar designs are on but the A.I are the only cars with designs. Im sure alot of people who make videos and share designs would really appreciate you guys addressing this issue/glitch. Thank you for an amazing game all the same [xbox]


It’s been this way since the auction house was added, close to a month now.


Yeah I noticed that also. When your in the multiplayer lobby most of the time the other drivers cars don’t show up when you scroll down to view other players cars


It’ll be a quick fix for turn 10. It feels like iv been waiting for ages to get some good looking replays, everycar been stock colours is more annoying than i thought.

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Buenas, fanáticos del mundo Forza. Quiero decir; que yo tampoco puedo ver, los diseños de otros coches en multijugador, ni ver a otros conductores con sus trajes de carreras, en la sala de espera.
En el modo historia, juego una carrera y puedo ver las decoraciones en los coches rivales pero sí reinicio, ya no vuelvo a verlas. Es en XboX oNe, espero podáis resolver este problema.
Gracías a Turn 10 por hacer posible Forza.