Multiplayer Problems Xbox One

Online at the moment seems to be a complete mess.

Last night I was experiencing lost connection with friends.

I am also having problems trying to join a lobby with friends in. It just puts me into the pre-race Multiplayer hopper screen with no way of joining the lobby they are racing in.

When in a “Party Chat” and I join an Online Lobby, the game seems to automatically force me into the Online lobby, and I lose party chat. This is very frustrating bouncing backwards and forward and losing Party chat with friends.

I am having to use the in party options or new right trigger party options to rejoin the party I want to be in, Very frustrating and it’s killing the Online experience at the moment for me.

I am sure Turn10 will address these issues in the coming weeks, but MAN! I don’t think I have ever seen a TURN10 game, released with so many Bugs at launch EVER !!!

Is it something to do with linking Xbox One and windows this year ?



Exactly the same problems for me last night. During a private lobby we were suffering from dreadful loss in frame rates. We tried different hosts with the same results. This cannot be due to the hosts having insufficient upload connections because mine is 20mb!

Im also getting fed up with tunes not loading. Only guarantee for a tune to load is by leaving lobby and loading in the main menu. Tunes do not always load properly in freeplay either. If this wasn’t bad enough you can even view a locked tune!!

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