Multiplayer problems currently - May 24 [threads merged]

Multiplayer leagues appear to be open class again. Drive what you like in whichever league you choose.
Why does this keep happening & do any points scored using an out of class vehicle count towards leaderboard totals?

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Nascar league the same, time to do some career instead…

FYI T10:

Following major issues affecting lobbies currently (have tried swapping to a few Community R Class League lobbies and they all have similar issues):

  • Races not starting - status staying as ‘waiting for more players’ despite 11 or more players in lobby.
  • Able to select classes other than just the league restricted ‘R’ class. (Lobby car class: ‘any’)
  • One user marked with a star (like a private lobby)
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Everything was fine last night. A similar thing happened when they introduced the patch to fix the vibrations and drafting. Have u installed a the updates and have u tried restarting the game. I suspect turn 10 maybe making some more adjustments

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Thanks for the reply.
Yes I have installed all updates (aren’t they mandatory before starting anyhow?) and I have also tried restarting my console.
I have heard multiple players complaining via lobby voice chat of the problems I have listed above.

It’s the same in C-Class Ghost hopper, too. Stuck on Le Mans, 3 laps, any car class, full collision.

There’s no chance any Turn 10 coders moonlight on dialasys or heart-lung machine software, is there?

NASA, maybe? Should I keep me eyes out for burning balls of plasma falling from the skies soon?

Word is that T10 was last seen on their way to Mars to become the celebrities in the new Survivor TV series, but their space ship was wrecked by a noob forza wrecker.

[Sorry, that was the best junk I could think of to suit your reply]

Correct answer is T10 is working on the problem, will be fixed soon.

Yes and yes

Races not starting - status staying as ‘waiting for more players’ despite 11 or more players in lobby.
It started doing this a long time ago, not just now

One user marked with a star (like a private lobby)
This only today

A class ghost league is the same. Pretty interesting when everyone thinks its ghost like it says only to find out collisions are on lol. Sadly that was the cleanest race i have ever been in lol.

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Same here this morning. I could choose any car…even chose a E class vs all the X Ferraris in the lobby lol

No race seemed to start either, although I did manage to get in one,it was an A class race,and I was in an X class,so quit as it wouldn’t have been fair.

Clearly the same issue we had 2 days ago when the patch was introduced it seemed to fix itself by the next day am sure once turn 10 realise it’s happened again they will be on it very quickly

I think all multiplayer and league lobbies are affected as if you look in the top left hand corner when in the lobby it states the lobby is custom.

Why they just cant send an all users notification saying there are issues or they are doing something?

To be honest I am getting sick of my X1, nothing working properly, never connecting to live when turning it on and constantly having to sign in to my own account even though I have selected auto sign in.

Never had this many problems with my Xbox 360 in its entire lifespan and it is still going.

Yep this is happened to me. All MP/League Lobbies are showing as custom. So annoying.

Well its been 9 hours or so since I tried this morning, still the same, P,S,R,& A class in the A awd lobby, & not starting . Even the Chryslus Rocket!

RTA its also in the regular hoppers. Did someone forget to press a button somewhere?

It is interesting that each time this has happened the races are clean and competitive (aside from the differing car classes). Once people realize it’s full contact and NOT a ghost league people tend to behave themselves.

I think the reason behind this is that people who race in ghost leagues are people just looking to escape the GTA\Need for Speed carnage in the regular lobbies and they’re all just good drivers with a decent sense of respect for other people.

Having the same issues in A class ghost league.

Just went onto the ABC’S, my usual stomping ground and every lobby I join there is people in R and X class cars, anyone else having this problem?

Yes, that’s happening in every online lobby.

It happened a couple of days ago too and took a few hours to fix.

Oh okay cheers man, wasn’t sure what was going on haha