Multiplayer misery

Probably nothing new, but is there an issue with the multiplayer?

I’m constantly getting “Disconnected from server” before I am even able to get ON a server. Other games seem to work fine on multiplayer, so it’s not my console or my network.

You will note from the Discussion thread that lots of people are complaining about this and it seems like it’s getting worse. I had regular disconnects before the latest update and kinda learned to take the “bad” with the good and just play on. BUT since the latest update I can’t connect to Multiplayer at all, same old message everytime - “failed to find a game session”. Not even sure anymore which is worse.

EDIT. Got up early this morning and SURPRISE - got into leagues early this morning within seconds. Great to be back.

I have the same problem. What fixes it for me is a hard reset of the xbox. unplug the power source, wait a few secs, then plug it back in. Should fix that problem. This problem never happened to me until after the recent update. Also, your NAT setting might be causing an issue to. I play behind a moderate NAT setting, have to contact my ISP to get a fixed static IP address to make it OPEN, which I haven’t done yet.