Multiplayer lobby broken “RACE IN PROGRESS”

I keep getting left in the lobby after waiting patiently for the timer to end. Anyone else getting this or know how to fix it?

The timer only takes a couple of minutes after the last race finishes for me, so its working as it should on Xbox

It’s happening to me quite frequently lately. I’ll be completely set for next race after a race has ended. The waiting for cars timer will end and it will leave me in the lobby saying race is in progress. Very frustrating.

I’m having the same issue as well. As soon as the countdown timer ends and the race is about to start, half of the lobby is able to start and the other half are still sitting in the lobby. It’s especially great when you’re in the endurance gt hopper…


Haven’t had that yet but I got the car stacking lobby glitch after pretty much every race now.

Just happened again, I managed 3 or 4 races before it left me in the lobby.
Anyone know about a fix for this?

I hope it gets fixed soon. Who wants to wait for a race to end again after you’ve already waited for the previous race to end. I’ve never played a game that was this bug filled 5 months after release.

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Have this happen at least once a day.
As for the cars stacking up in front of the lobby camera, If you scroll all the way right and then down through the list of players the cars will go away.

A bug that’s been here since beta dude

I’ve had it twice today it seems to be getting worse.
Is there anyone from Turn 10 or Microsoft reading this who can tell us when it will be fixed?