Multiplayer Lobbies

First and foremost, I will NEVER pre-order another Forza game, nor will I purchase it through the Xbox store. I will be purchasing all games in the future from Gamestop because they will give you a refund if you bring the game back in a week, which is what I definitely would have done after finding out there were no public drift lobbies in multiplayer on a game that FEATURED Hoonigan cars as the main DLC content. Word of advice, don’t drop a game that isn’t finished. Secondly, THE MAIN CAR OF THE HOONIGAN CAR PACK (Hoonicorn) is an AWD DRIFT CAR!!! WHY AFTER NEARLY 2 MONTHS OF THIS GAME BEING OUT IS THERE STILL NO PUBLIC AWD DRIFT LOBBIES?!?!?!?!? And for the trolls, AWD DRIFTING IS STILL DRIFTING! You get better angle and more points, after all this is a video game, you wanna be a real drifter go get a real drift car and stay off my post.

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