Multiplayer lobbies and rivals.

Quick question. Is there going to be R S A B C D E class lobbies like forza 6 for multiplayer? Where you can race only A class Cars if you want? Also where the rivals mode gone where you can take an A class car round a specific track and try and get your leaderboard time up. These seem to be missing so far? Are they returning after an update or something if not this is a disgrace. Those two things are the main reason I play forza :thinking:


Many of us would like an answer to this. Personally, my potential request for refund hinges on this.

Turn10 is pretty notorious (IMHO) for not communicating directly on their forums though, so I don’t expect a response here.

Currently, I’m waiting on a potential patch to see if this is fixed in the short term.


Yeah I agree with yourself. It was a big big part of the game for me previously. I assumed it was just because I pre ordered and got the ultimate edition that for now they wouldn’t be on but once the full release was out on Monday that they would appear

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you’re not getting a refund

I got my refund quite easily. I called 1-800-4my-xbox and requested for a refund. I purchased the digital Ultimate Edition through the Xbox store last week. Based on what I learned from speaking to the Xbox rep on the phone, so long as you have not requested a refund for a digital purchase over the past 365 days, they will refund your money back.

Back to some Destiny 2 to satisfy my online multiplayer gaming needs.

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Many people have received refunds. I have no doubt that I will too should I decide to request it. I will probably know by the end of today (if no announcement is made regarding upcoming fix/patch).

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Still waiting for my S class lobby.
For now the multiplayer is just a big mess.

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Yeah it’s a massive shame, feel a bit robbed I didn’t think for a second they wouldn’t be in the game or would be dropped from it. Just expected them to be there when I started playing as standard. Disappointing to say the least

Would you guys just wait and see. No one has any idea what lobbies will be coming. Stop! Lets see if there is an update in 10 min. 1pm Eastern is the usual update time.

The class based rivals time trials was by far my favorite mode. Hope to see it back! Loving the game so far though, even though it’s a bit different in a few ways here and there.

and instead of calling it rivals why dont they make time attack mode

or simply " hot lap "…

Or just leave it as it is as theres nothing wrong with it in terms of the naming convention.

PLS no Class System! 700 cars in 7 classes is stupid.

Now you have what, 1 car per division…yeh amazing. 700 cars in 7 classes is not stupid…its the core of Forza.

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Totally agree, Turn 10 needs to add the class-based rivals from Forza 6. That system allowed you to set times on any track with any car and get rewarded for it. As it stands now, you can only hot lap a few, pre-selected cars on a handful of tracks in rivals. That’s a major step back in my opinion. Sure, I can still jump in my Mclaren MP4/4 and hot lap the Nurburgring in the wet, and it’s still exhilarating as hell, but now I don’t get anything for setting a top time. I can’t even find the leader-board. It wouldn’t really matter though because far fewer people will be setting lap times now that the rivals incentive is gone. I really can’t think of any reason why Turn 10 thought it was a good idea to remove class rivals. I’d love to hear an explanation from Turn 10. Opening up rivals to every car and track was a revelation in Forza 6 - taking it away here is just cruel.

Losing class rivals is even more painful given how tedious it is to run hot laps in the first place. In Forza 6 it was easy to get on the track for some solo lapping - you could do it in any car on any track in rivals mode, as I mentioned, or you could just hit test drive from the garage or in the tuning menu. For Forza 7, Turn 10 added 5 steps to that process; now you have to go to ‘free play’, select a car, select a track, change the race settings so you’re lapping alone, let the track load, and then, finally, you can start lapping. And why isn’t there an option for unlimited laps? Why do I have to manually increase the number of laps to some arbitrary number? That said, I really don’t have a problem with free play - being able to customize and adjust every detail of an event is great - I just don’t understand why Turn 10 had to change the system for solo lapping/test driving since it worked just fine in previous installments.

I know there are a ton of Forza players who are disappointed (to put it lightly) about the loss of class rivals - that was what kept serious Forza players like myself coming back to the game, and now it’s gone. I encourage any other players who feel like I do to voice your concerns on this forum. If enough people get behind the cause Turn 10 will have to bring back class rivals for 7. It’s not like it would be difficult or costly from a technical perspective - I’m sure they could just copy and paste a few lines of code from 6.

Hey Turn 10 guys, are you listening??? Your loyal fans want their online options back!!! I used to love playing online lobbies but with this new system it just sucks. What ever happened to the days of building up a sweet A class car and going online with it? The multiplayer truly sucks, and that is being nice about it. Please fix this as it is apparent with your multitude of mistakes on this game you stand to lose a good bit of money and return customers. If I would have known the online experience was going to be soooo restricted I would have thought twice before spending 70 bucks on the game. Fix or refund many many many customers, your call.

You do realize they literally just added a hopper that you can build a sweet A class car and go race? Secondly there’s a thread for you to request hoppers and rivals here,

Try importing A class tunes from F6…cant do it with cars that have 5.7 motors…thats a lot of muscle cars, European, asian imports.

And can also bring back the 5.7 motor…this 6.2 sucks to build.