Multiplayer Issue- low bandwidth/high latency

Been trying to play multi and I get through some races, others not so much. Halfway though…lost connection. Also, the audio gets quiet then louder randomly while in the multiplayer menus.

I have very good internet and have had zero issue such as this with any other game I have played or are currently playing. It is getting increasingly annoying and wondering if anyone else is having this issue and what to be done about it?

I just go disconnected with 2 laps to go. By far the worst game I have ever played. I have NEVER had any issue such as this with ANY game ever. Xbox says my connection is tip top.

Forza? Nah we’ll disconnect you with 2 laps of 15 remaining. So you you don’t get any credits for your time. It’s happened more than I can count. Disgusting.

Ive gotten high latency message as well before , i guess that happens when they put you in an oversees server. If you join a server and this message shows up just quit and try again, usually the next server they put me in doesn’t have that problem

Okay I will look into that. And what would you know after I posted this I got 2 full multi sessions with one small hint of lag and that was that. I have about a 3 in 10 shot of not getting booted.

See what happens today. Thanks for your response!

The awesome kicker is I’ll get a “You’ve lost your Live Connection” when I clearly have not.

Game is an epic POS multiplayerwise. How can it be this terrible when 5 ran like a champ is beyond me.

I have had major issues with this pm me imwould like to share some info with you.

I also get the low bandwidth/high latency error and have gotten kicked out of races. The high bandwidth is to many devices connected running internet services at 1 time the high latency issue is caused by taking to long to “ping” the game servers. I’ve been trying to solve this problem for weeks myself and have not found any solutions to work as of yet. Try going into your network settings on your xboxone and change your dns addresses to and the second one to . I’ve seen some people have had luck with doing that to fix the latency issue.

Yep, I will have several perfect races and then all of a sudden one or both messages followed by a disconnected from the lobby/race.
Very annoying and it’s even worse for one of my friends. He gets disconnected almost every time from private lobbies and after 1 race in public hoppers. Both of us have upgraded our internet connection to no avail.

This was happening to me over the last few days, and today it was so bad I couldn’t even get through 2 laps of a race before getting DC’d. Things would be fine until both the “Low Bandwidth” and “High Latency” messages showed up, I’d have a sudden huge lag spike, then kicked out of MP.

First, check your network details by going to network settings and choosing “detailed network statistics”. Latency and package loss are the two important things: latency you want below 100 at least, and package loss you want at 0% but 1-2% is ok. If either of these things is higher than the recommended then your network connection is the problem, as it was for me (my latency was fine but my package loss was 7% and spiking up to 20%).

Here’s what I did to troubleshoot:

  1. Disconnect the xbox and router completely and restart after a minute.
  2. Clean out the coaxle cable ports going into the router and the wall (sounds dumb but other people say it works)
  3. Move the xbox closer to the router, or get a wifi extender and place somewhere between the xbox and router.

This mostly solved the issue for me. I still get lag spikes but they are not as bad and far less frequent.

Other things that can help improve connection include port forwarding, using wired instead of wireless connection, and setting up a 5GHz wifi network which is not affected by normal frequency waves generated by other electronic equipment.

I have a wired connection with my Xbox right below my router and still get these messages.

I’ve also suffered a lot from high latency and bandwidth. It is good that everyone brings their experiences, even if they seem silly. This creates a burdensome volume that will compel the T10 to solve the problems. After all, we can not be penalized for the delay in the distance between client and server. T10 billed millions in FM6 and FM7, so if they should do anything to deserve that investment we made. Speaking of me, I’m Software Engineer, and I have fun at Forza Motorsport since 2014 when I bought my G920 and set up my simulator. I have internet of 30Mb / s in the interior of Brazil and I need to go through several backbone until arriving in some served Forza. In mid-2017 I started to have problems with delay of the servers playing FM6, I could not follow my friends, the brakes and curves were no longer the same, and I imagine they were already testing the new topology of FM7. who remembers when they got the chance to play the best time back with an opponent choosing an opponent. On 01/28/2018 I decided to take a test. Captures with caption are in my Live feed. In single-player mode, notice that I did not even use the online multiplayer, I chose a porsche and the Road America track I was using in my career, and I had a bad lap time of 2: 08.8xx. I started the race and after 3 laps I could not improve my previous time. When the car did not lose the tangency of the curve, the brakes were running. So I turned off the WiFi router and disconnected from the live, and the forza servers, I went offline from there, on the following laps I got lap times 2: 05.6xx, however these lap times were not recognized in the general time table, no were approved. I turned on the wifi again and the problems came back, I kept dialing lap times above 02: 8. The conclusion I got is that even out of the multiplayer, the T10 is monitoring the lap and repositioning the car on the track, and may be, what we are seeing on screen is the result of the cloud processing. There may be the biggest mistake of the topology, it is not possible to use such a process when the time is essential to make a fair competition. The biggest villain of this process is the latency, every millisecond lost in the communication of the commands sent to the server, and the time lost in the results received from the server, adds extra time in the real time of the return. It seems to me that the developers have forgotten that. Even a considered good latency of 70ms, adding all the synchronizations during a lap, can leave the competitor out of the competition, losing up to 2 seconds per lap. My suggestion is that you should continue the homologation to purge the hackers who manipulate the local system to circumvent lap times, however, it is urgent and a priority to make up for lost time in latency. Or if it makes a selective compensation delay, to delay those of low latency. Or create a selective sync advance (each competitor) and compensate for latency. If nothing is implemented, they will be condemning an obvious success in the biggest failure of competitive racing games on the market. It’s a pity, but it’s clear.

Why dont you guys list what type of internet connection you have?
I’m sure some of you think you have faster connections than you have.
I have 50 Meg Fibre and dont have any of these problems in the UK. Oh and I use an ethernet cable NOT wifi.

I advise that T10 leave it on the label of FM7: This game is recommended for systems with 50 MBps with fiber optics and connected by ethernet cable. Ahhh players should live in the UK.

Connected to a lobby just fine, countdown finishes, race starts and states race in progress with no indication of any failures. I remain in the lobby and can spectate.

Lobby: Cycled Division
Console: Xbox One (Not One X) on Wired Connection to Router
Internet Speed: Cable 100Mbs/10Mbs

I’ve had this happen many many times today.

That has happened to me quite often with the Cycled Division. It will usually happen once out of every 4 races.

I had other problems this past weekend. Since the new league week started on Saturday, I have not been able to join a League session. I’ve tried about 10 times. Each time it says “can’t find a lobby or session” (something like that).

I think I’ve discovered what makes this happen almost every time for me. When the final countdown timer is running, right before the race, when people join and leave and the timer resets, I’m guaranteed NOT to be in that race. I’ve been in 3 lobbies today with Cycled Division, and been able to race 4-5 races out of at least 20. This NEVER happened in Forza 5 or 6 unless I was in the middle of changing a tune and the tune didn’t load in time. Also, this ONLY happens in cycled division. It never happens in the other hoppers. The ONLY reason I’ve even started playing this is the fact that Turn 10 removed so many of the multiplayer hoppers in the last update.

I can’t believe the number of bugs still in multiplayer. Perhaps they should quit trying to get it to work for both PC and Xbox and just fix one to get it correct.

100/10 is just the speed of you network card, not the speed of your internet.
You need to know how much you are paying for your internet and what speed you have bought (or your parents have bought, I dont know how old you are).
Or do an internet speed test to see how fast you get real world.

I have 100Mbs up as tested by and around 10-15 down as tested by The router (wired) is 1Gbps.

I agree with the quality issue. I guess it depends on where the server hosting the joined lobby is located – but there is no way to know your latency to the server because it isn’t available inside the lobby anywhere.

Got wired fibre, every so often i get bandwidth issue.

About the sound pop up an down, it is your xbox doing it. Set chat mixer to “Do nothing”, it is drop 50% on default.

It is not the speed that counts. It is the quality of the connection. You know, low ping and such. Always wire over wifi or mobile. You need only few mbps to have quality connection. It doesn’t matter if you have 5mbps or 1000mbps if you have wifi and/or mobile, you will have some issues more or less. 2 players, one with 5mbps optic fibre and other with 1000mbps same optic fibre, you don’t see any difference in gameplay between them. Difference comes when streaming movie or downloading large data files.