Multiplayer is broken ....

I just want to ask you guys what do you think about current situation on Multiplayer.

Last time i played Forza 4. (super fun racing, most of the time clean racing)

Current situation ?

Now i cant set anything for public race :

  • no dmg / full dmg ((nobody wants to wait 10 min for next race only becouse i want to destroy race to other in first turn)
  • driving thrue - elimination of dump kids which are play only becouse of ruine race to other players.
  • Where are buttons for Kick someone from loby ?
  • Where i can set track list for public race ?

Am i right ? or i rly have to play this half made multiplayer ? or i can assume the Turn 10 will come with serious patch for this ?

Everything works fine in old forza, so i dont get it why is this missing now.

Thank you for any answer.