Multiplayer hoppers reintroduced!

Hi all, some may recognise my Gt from FM3/4, I’m now back excited as ever for this FM6, done a bit of career, but of tuning, keeping it real, no silly RWD swaps when true to life they don’t even exist…so as the title says…I hopped in for some online racing, B600, I bring out my trusty 97 civic FWD ( keeping it real ) 24 cars in lobby, god help me, well I moved about 20 feet as I was about 3rd on grid hoping for a clean getaway, nope that didn’t happen, I was sent soaring into the air in a huge pile up! I rejoined and managed to get upto 5th, then came demolition derby right in front of me, ruined my game, moved lobby hoping for something better, Monza short, clearly a speed track, why do they bring out the transit van!! & the Ford Raptor thingy?? For demolition work of course!!
What a terrible return to online racing!!
TURN 10, multiplayer is appalling!!
My 2p’s worth