Multiplayer down?

Hi there.Im in the UK and when I try to play multiplayer tonight I keep getting Failed to create match request.Anyone else having this issue?

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Same issue for me in Italy.
(i actually had “Failed to acquire servers data” error before, but now I have the new one)

I’m in US, having same issue, sometimes after resetting router and xbox, itll let me join a match, let me race 7 out of 9 laps then say I was disconnected, meanwhile I can still hear and talk to the players still racing. Also in some online races, the menu music plays loud and the engine noises and tires sounds are muted, when this happens, it allows me to start the multiplayer race about 6 secs before the rest of the field.

Getting the same issue here, I think there’s an issue with the servers currently.

xbox shows core service problems

Too high of hopes that it could mean an update being moved in?

That was my thought there was mention of New hoppers today so my fingers are crossed for tag

Same here. Back to f6