Multiplayer and Party Chat Bug

When you go into multiplayer at the bottom of your screen it says RT chat channel, just pull RT and choose the chat you prefer

I see this option when you are in a previous lobby, but not once you join a race lobby from there.

It appears to be a FEATURE, remove it please as it is not required and extremely irritating. If in a PARTY already you are put in GAME CHAT, as above. If you leave the lobby or as I experienced the PRIVATE LOBBY SYSTEM just DOES NOT WORK you then get drawn back in to GAME CHAT!!! Who thought this was a good idea?

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I posted about this yesterday. I tried selecting the party chat option but it keeps bouncing me back into game chat.

In the “race lobby” you can reach the same setting by selecting yourself from the player list, and selecting “Chat Channel Preference”.

Does that setting stick? Last night we were trying to experiment with this issue and I got bumped back into game chat when I switched lobbies, despite having set it to party chat in “driver options” in the lobby menu.

anyway this option is not available to pc players. when I select myself in the list I dont have that option. my friend on xbox one s had it.

Agreed. This is dumb! T10 please leave us in our party chat!

If this is intentional, it’s pretty damn scary that someone was sitting in their office/cubicle/whatever at Turn 10 and thought this was a great idea. Even scarier that they brought it to the rest of the team and apparently they all agreed and decided to implement it instead of throwing the guy out of one of the office windows.


I have never agreed with someone so much in my entire life.

This needs to get fixed as soon as possible. Remove this feature entirely. Xbox already has this feature we don’t need it. What were you thinking honestly?