Multi-player, or not

I think, based on my last three weeks’ experience actually playing online against other people we should have “Multi-player” renamed to “Maybe-Player”.

Seriously, I’ve been disconnected from more races than I complete.


You’re not the only one, as evidenced by the activity in the Support forum.

I’ve also noticed longer loading times for some races (sometimes up to 3 minutes) when the player count is above 20.

Maybe that’s attributable to the liveries? Are they stored on the box or loaded every time the lobby sets up?

Loaded. If your connection is struggling the game will choose to display some cars with a stock livery, same as in Forza Motorsport 4.

Just curious, what’s the status and experience with the Forza4 or 5 multiplayer games? Are they as clunky and unresponsive? Are there still a good group of players there?