Multi monitor support [see post #17]

FM5 stopped supporting multi monitor. Will this utility return in FM 6?


I really hope so. It is so hard playing forza 5 on a single screen after years of forza 3 and 4 on tripplescreen.
The worst part is they allready has it up and running on tripplescreen on dev kits :frowning:

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PC, not “dev kits”.

Turn 10 has stated many times that it was running on dev kits, you can even see them on some of the videos


Smoke and mirrors. Im yet to see any triple screen video where the xbox is clearly displayed, let alone 3 of them. All reports Ive seen state there was only one console present, which would indicate its running on PC and the xbox is just “on for show”.

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the xbox 1 is systems link capable so it is possible. halo mcc has systems link and halo 5 will have it. i guess its up to turn ten to put it in or not.

must be nice to be rich kell, maybe i should marry your daughter and move in with her dad. :wink:

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dust when you say pc you mean windows. well guess whats coming to xbox later this year? right down to office. i wonder how many are going to tell their boss its ok to put it on the company account because they need it for “work”?

Windows 10 and “universal apps” does not imply, nor infer, the same level of hardware and peripheral support. Xbox is still a walled garden.

not in forza on the one, but i think it can be done with call of duty ghosts. they just need to stick the code back in the game.

Found on Youtube, looks really nice!


That up close POV makes me want to puke a little.

I’ve never played forza or any game on triple screen but recently I have been considering getting a triple screen. If Forza 6 supports it then it may sway me than way.

Save yourself some money from wasting it on three xbox ones… enter into the world of PC racing…! Get a nice gaming computer, a good wheel and pedals… the TX Thrustmaster, so it will work on XBone and PC… get triples and a steam account. Buy the following games on Steam and experience racing like you’ve never realized.

  1. RaceRoom Raceing Experience (R3E)
  2. Assetto Corsa
  3. Game Stock Car
  4. Dirt Rally
  5. Project CARS … PC version if you liked the XB version… PC better IMHO.
  6. GTR2 - Older Game very cheap - Excellant game older but modded to the hilt… everycar and every track possible.
  7. rfactor Older game very cheap
  8. Race 07 with GTR Evo and all add-on packs very cheap as well…

These are fantastic racing games… and offer the best SIM Racing can offer. I still play and like FM… but these are my favourites.

+1 for this. Exactly what I did, and I also went for the Thrustmaster TX so I could use it on both PC and Xbox One. As I already have a very high end 3 monitor setup (over $8k invested) spending $700 on a couple more Xbox Ones isn’t that big a deal at all. I’ve seen several similar videos where reps make stupid comments about how expensive it would and that customers don’t want to spend that. [Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the tos]

What’s most frustrating is clearly they’ve written the code for it and all they need to do is turn it on!

Here’s a quick video walk through of my current setup

You do realize you need three monitors, three Xbox Ones and potentially three copies of the game for that setup to work, right?

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2 more Xbox One - $700
2 more screens - $400
2 more games - $120
Total: $1220

Might already own:
1 Steering wheel and pedals (force feedback) - $400
1 racing chair/stand - $100 to $500

Total: $500-$900

Grand Total: $1720-$2120

That’s quite some cash right there.

Damn, well there’s still curved OLED TV’S!

Other things you may consider essential

Surround sound or AV receiver and speakers - $600
Monitor/TV stands (X3) - $366
Helmet and gloves because a sim isn’t a sim unless you dress up - $250
Catheter because by the time you get everything working there’s no way your getting out of the racing chair - $187.99 (don’t ask me how I know)
Large ash tray - $8
Plastic beer glass with drinking straw - $9.99
Family pack of Snickers - €3.50
Subscription to dating website - €25pm

Hmmm! I think I’ll stick to the single screen


Last year at E3, Turn10 showed a triple screen system with FM5, but it was just a tease as the Multiscreen option was never created for FM5.

Now Turn10 is back at this years E3 with another triple screen system showing FM6. Is this just another tease or is the Multiscreen feature going to be back in the Forza series?

Here come the post-E3 “false advertising” accusations …