Multi-lap Rivals - My Tach Beats For You. Another fine example of the poor QA throughout game.

(Xbox One)

Try restarting a run on laps 1 or 2 (haven’t tried it on 3) Disappearing driver on podium screen. Flash of the Long Beach background. Black screen. Noooothing. Have to restart game.

Apart from that, good idea. Perhaps, wouldn’t have picked Exotic GT rentals for the division.

yeah same here! Do they really test anything before the release?

They definitely tested my game because I’ve never had a driver disappear on the podium screen. First time I’ve even read that it actually happens at all.

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i´ve never had this problem before. This rivals is just broken…

Yep! Uk Xbox one s. If I decide to restart the event after the 1st lap I get the same thing happen. Black screen. Have to close the game and restart.

That happen to me twice

This is so broken.

Got done with the 3 laps, looked at the leaderboard screen and it said #3 in the world, was like no way cause Im no where near that fast, then looked at the time and it only counted 1 lap… smh…

I saw that and a few others who wouldn’t take advantage of the game way up too.

Oh well at least it’s a good idea to do something similar to FM2’s full race leaderboards in career mode. About time they did a far look back and try something that was very popular back then.

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Yup I started a thread yesterday and they moved it to tech support … Initially the rival worked … then next run it stopped the run after 1 lap as if it were finished … then it would let you run three laps but only count the first lap … then they wiped the single laps from the board and it worked fine again until you make a second pass and it only counted the first lap and now if you run again it won’t record anything whether it’s faster or not … BROKE … it is also showing some rivals in a wrong car. I am actually running 4.23 for my 3 laps in the Ford GT FE but no way to have it reflect the actual run

The Raptor event is broken also … aside from trucks with 917 hp and race tires part of the trucks have 489 hp which 450 hp is stock that the rest of the trucks have when it works correctly

Of course my Forzathon is broke too so maybe on the 19th they can fix all of these … sigh huge eye roll

So they wiped the single laps again so I got a run to take … heaven forbid I try to run again in the Porsche and try to improve on my 4.22 for fear it will break again

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Lol, me too. Just posted a 4.25, really wanna go faster but really really really don’t wanna break it again…

Ya don’t try the Aston Vantage … I checked a couple cars to see if it’s still broke and YES it’s broke … the lap timer is off 10 seconds on my lap and it’s showing me in my Ford GT FE when I ran the Vantage and it broke again wiping out my correct 3 lap run in the GT of 4.22


I just ain’t gonna fool with it any more. I bet the whole event gets pulled soon.

Really hope they don’t use this new format for the next CBH…

and we have a WINNER lol … ya nailed that one it got pulled

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I did a 4:29. I used the GT2, no assists aside from braking line, didn’t power shift or anything and I definitely could have gone quicker overall.

Edit:4:24.762 my second time around.

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Quite common for me and started back with Hockenheim for that Porsche just about every attempt. No Drivatar for podium etc although I get the backdrop if I click the mouse it gives the impression it is moving on but just gets a black screen and I am forced to quit.

A really cool idea if they can get the kinks worked out…rivals challenges that require multiple laps…

Anyone still has this Rival available ? Just disappeared for me from featured events.

It was remove yesterday as far as I know.