Multi-Class 200 Mile Rally

Welcome to the Multi-Class 200 Mile Rally!

5 Tracks, 5 Tuned Cars, Prizes available…Do you fancy entering a 200 mile Rally?

A brief description:

• There are five legs (races) to run, on five pre-determined tracks (each approx. distance ranging between 37 - 42 miles)
• There are five pools of cars to choose from (each pool will compete in a specific class)
• Choose one car from each pool, upgrade/tune it to the limit of the designated class, and choose which of the five tracks to race it on.
• One car from each pool/class must be used - one for each of the five tracks
• You should race in a private lobby with 10 AI cars set on professional difficulty (one of each class R1 to F). Your finishing time is what counts - position is irrelevant!

Leg 1: Nurburgring Nordschleife - 3 Laps
Leg 2: Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - 4 Laps
Leg 3: Le Mans La Sarthe – 5 Laps
Leg 4: Camino De Veijo Extreme - 9 Laps
Leg 5: Infineon Long - 15 Laps

D Class Pool:
VW Beetle '63
Ford De Luxe
Renault 5 Turbo
Jaguar E-Type
Nissan Skyline 2000 GTR
Saab 99 Turbo
Datsun 510
De Lorean DMC-12

B Class Pool:
Mustang Boss 429
Volvo 850 R
BMW M5 1988
Sierra Cosworth RS500
Aston V8 Vantage 1977
Audi RS2 Avant
Buick Regal GNX
Camaro IROC-Z

A Class Pool:
Peugeot 205 Turbo 16
Aston DB4 GT Zagato
Hyundai Veloster Turbo
Corvette Stingray 427
RX-8 Mazdaspeed
Maserati Ghibli Cup
Lotus Carlton
Mustang Cobra R (2000)

S Class Pool:
Cobra 427 S/C
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
Lamborghini Countach
Ferrari GTO 1984
Ford GT40 MkII
Porsche 959
TVR Tuscan S
Panoz Esperante GTLM

R2 Class Pool:
Gumpert Apollo
Ultima GTR
F40 Competizione
Honda #18 Takata DOME
Zonda R
#32 Nissan R390 GT1
Mercedes C Class Touring Car
Saleen #2 Konrad Motorsports S7R

Choose one car from each pool. Obviously, in stock form the bulk of these cars do not fit in the pool classes assigned. However, that’s irrelevant here. You may apply any upgrades and tunes to bring each car up to the max level permitted for whichever pool class it has been allocated. If I’ve made a mistake and any of those can’t reach optimisation in the designated class, shout out and I’ll draft in a replacement :slight_smile:

You can choose any combination, but each track and class must be run once.

Each race will be set up and done online in the Custom Race Creator section of the game (private lobby). Select 10 AI cars for each race - one for every class (F, E, D, C, B, A, S, R3, R2 & R1). Remember, your final position in each race is not important - your time is what counts!

Legs can be run in any order. The total time of all five legs combined is the final time.

Once you have completed each race, be sure to save the replays and upload them to your storefront before the end of the competition for your time to be accepted as valid.

Race settings in the ‘Game Set-Up’ tab of a private lobby are as follows:
Number of AI cars: 10
AI Difficulty: Professional
Car Class: Any - (then back on main lobby page you can individually select the AI cars - one for each class F-R1)
Damage: Cosmetic
Collisions: Default.
Advanced Rules: (Click RB on Controller)
Grid Ordering: PI
Ascending: No
Number of Player Buckets: 2
Group by Bucket: No
Timer: If you would rather not fiddle about with player buckets and assigning cars to groups, then instead be sure to give yourself plenty of time to finish each race - as the R1 car will likely trigger the countdown first!
Group 1 Options: (Click RB a couple more times); Can Start Final Countdown: Yes
Group 2 Options: (Click RB again); Can Start Final Countdown: No
Back on the lobby page click on each car to organise the groups. Group 1 could just be yourself (and possibly AI cars that pose no threat of finishing ahead you in the race). AI cars that are likely to finish ahead of you should be in Group 2 (so they don’t trigger the end of race timer countdown).

After finishing a race, save the replay and write down your finishing time! Remember, ultimately your final position in each race is not important - your time is what counts.

If you wish to enter this competition, please reply with the car/class and track combinations you initially plan to race with. You can change your mind (even after your provisional times have been set) - as long as you haven’t posted your final times.

Once you have completed each leg please post your time and also save your replay - upload it to your storefront before the competition ends for checking. Dirty laps are fine, but please no deliberate corner cutting or wall riding etc! Such unsporting driving may result in disqualification.

I will update the second post with all results. To keep people’s interest and inspire competition/improvement - yet to keep things orderly, the rule will be that you may post an initial provisional time for each leg, followed later, if you wish by one updated (final) time – again for each leg. I would advise only posting provisional times when you are somewhat happy with them – remember, once you have provided updated times, those will be final (even if you later slip down the timesheet list!).

Many thanks to KoolIROCZ1967 for generously donating the bulk of the prize fund kitty, AND for designing/supplying the awesome livery for the souvenir cars! Much appreciated Sir!

Prizes based on quickest overall combined time across the five legs:
1st: 100 million CR
2nd: 75 million CR
3rd: 50 million CR
4th: 30 million CR
5th: 20 million CR

Additional Prizes:

  • A 10 million CR prize is available to the five participants who post the fastest time in each leg of the Rally.
  • All participants (placing outside the top five) who complete the Rally, i.e. post times and SF replays for all five legs will receive 5 million CR. *****
  • An extra 5 million CR is available for participants placing outside the top five who beat the target overall time of 2:17:30.000 *****
    -KoolIROCZ1967 has kindly also agreed to supply anyone who enters the competition with their choice of car complete with a custom ‘Rally 200’ livery - see the pics in post no.33 of this thread. The car requested should be one of the 40 cars listed in the competition’s class pools. Feel free to post in this thread/contact Kool directly to sort your souvenir car! Thanks again for the awesome livery, your efforts and generosity Kool!

***** Participation prize amounts may be subject to scaling back - depending on total numbers of entrants (the prize fund pot is finite)

Remember, the times won’t count unless all five replays are viewable on your storefront at the end of the competition (each labelled ‘Rally Leg 1’ etc.).

Any questions, just shout and hopefully I can help. Good Luck and have fun!

Competition End Date: Sunday 12 July at 11pm BST (6pm EDT / 3pm PDT)

Entrants, Selections and Results List:

NB: Timings (P = provisional time, F = final time)

  1. Rudyard77
    Leg 1. Nurburgring Nordschleife - S Class - Ferrari GTO 1984 - Time: 24:35.354 (P)
    Leg 2. Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - R2 Class - Honda #18 Takata DOME NSX - Time: 32:45.801 (P)
    Leg 3. Le Mans La Sarthe - A Class - Aston DB4 GT Zagato - Time: 22:56.048 (P)
    Leg 4. Camino Extreme - B Class - BMW M5 '88 - Time: 28:05.645 (P)
    Leg 5. Infineon Long - D Class - VW Beetle '63 - Time: 28:54.249 (F)
    Total time for all legs: 2:17:17.097 (P)

  2. bluhar3dfr33k
    Leg 1. Nurburgring Nordschleife - tbc
    Leg 2. Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - tbc
    Leg 3. Le Mans La Sarthe - D class - Renault 5 Turbo - tbc
    Leg 4. Camino Extreme - tbc
    Leg 5. Infineon Long - tbc
    Total time for all legs:

    Leg 1. Nurburgring Nordschleife - R2 Class - Mercedes Benz C Class - 21:18.025 (P)
    Leg 2. Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - A Class - RX-8 Mazdaspeed - 34:47.579 (F)
    Leg 3. Le Mans La Sarthe - S Class - Ford GT40 MkII - 20:57.446 (F)
    Leg 4. Camino Extreme - B Class - Sierra Cosworth RS500 - 27:45.422 (F)
    Leg 5. Infineon Long - D Class - Datsun 510 - 28:26.418 (F)
    Total time for all legs: 2:13:14.890 (P)

  4. Voldemortt
    Leg 1. Nurburgring Nordschleife - R2 Class - Mercedes Benz C Class - 21:18.065 (F)
    Leg 2. Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - B Class - BMW M5 1988 - 37:34.444 (P)
    Leg 3. Le Mans La Sarthe - D Class - Jaguar E-Type - 26:27.048 (P)
    Leg 4. Camino Extreme - A Class - Hyundai Veloster Turbo - 26:55.662 (P)
    Leg 5. Infineon Long - S Class - Lamborghini Countach - 24:49.991 (F)
    Total time for all legs: 2:17:05.210 (P)

  5. CostlessCape92
    Leg 1. Nurburgring Nordschleife - tbc
    Leg 2. Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - tbc
    Leg 3. Le Mans La Sarthe - tbc
    Leg 4. Camino Extreme - tbc
    Leg 5. Infineon Long - tbc
    Total time for all legs:

  6. DamMe2006
    Leg 1. Nurburgring Nordschleife - S Class - Panoz Esperante GTLM - 24:53.511 (P)
    Leg 2. Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - A Class - Lotus Carlton - 35:49.142 (P)
    Leg 3. Le Mans La Sarthe - R2 Class - Ultima GTR - 18:59.462 (F)
    Leg 4. Camino Extreme - D Class - Datsun 510 - 29:35.347 (P)
    Leg 5. Infineon Long - B Class - Sierra Cosworth RS500 - 27:10.330 (F)
    Total time for all legs: 2:16:47.792 (P)

  7. KoolIROCZ1967
    Leg 1. Nurburgring Nordschleife - B Class - Camaro IROC-Z - 28:13.986 (P)
    Leg 2. Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - D Class - VW Beetle '63 - 39:42.919 (P)
    Leg 3. Le Mans La Sarthe - tbc
    Leg 4. Camino Extreme - tbc
    Leg 5. Infineon Long - tbc
    Total time for all legs:

  8. JazzyWriter3112
    Leg 1. Nurburgring Nordschleife - tbc
    Leg 2. Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - D Class - Datsun 510 - tbc
    Leg 3. Le Mans La Sarthe - tbc
    Leg 4. Camino Extreme - B Class - Volvo 850 R - tbc
    Leg 5. Infineon Long - A Class - RX-8 Mazdaspeed - tbc
    Total time for all legs:

  9. Mr EazyWidder
    Leg 1. Nurburgring Nordschleife - tbc
    Leg 2. Fujimi Kaido Full Circuit - tbc
    Leg 3. Le Mans La Sarthe - tbc
    Leg 4. Camino Extreme - tbc
    Leg 5. Infineon Long - tbc
    Total time for all legs:

Reserved - just in case

I like this Idea thanks for the challenge Im in…

Leg 1:
Leg 2 :
Leg 3: Le Mans Le Sarthe. D class - Renault 5
Leg 4:
Leg 5:
Provisional time =

Revised time =

Ill Keep this updated as I go.
Looking forward to this its really different than the normal challenges.

Thanks and good luck to all!

Thanks bluhar3dfr33k, great to have you on-board the challenge. I’ve updated post no.2 with your entry.

I’m hoping to be able to run a couple of my legs later today to get the ball rolling. I’ll post my times and SF replays when I’m done.

Anyone else interested? The more the merrier! For now, all people need to do is reply with an expression of intent to race and I will update post no.2 with your entry. You can add details of your planned car/track combinations, and of course times later.

I’ve just finished my first runs on two of the legs (Fujimi Kaido and Camino Extreme) and noted my provisional times in post no.2 of the thread.

I guess my most difficult leg in the rally will be my choice of R2 class on Fujimi. My time was 32:45.801 over the four laps. Fortunately, I did a test run beforehand which helped me get into a rhythm, although I was fortunate not to spin - there were also plenty of scrapes with the wall! I was on a hot lap on my third lap, only to screw it up towards the end, and then I fell to pieces on the last lap – guess I was feeling the pressure not to spin and ruin everything. I hardly saw another car during the run - my R1 competitor sped off into the distance, and before too long I had left my lower-level R2 competition behind also (perhaps I should have chosen a faster R2 AI car). I caught up to the F and E class cars towards the end of the race. For those interested in watching a little of my run, or to check that I actually did the time, the replay of the race is on my storefront.

After a few attempts I also finished my B Class Camino Extreme leg in the BMW M5. My first couple of runs weren’t too good. I guess I fell into the habit of trying to hot-lap, meaning I took too many risks, and paid for it with errors, even rolling it onto its roof on the penultimate lap of my second run. Anyway, I realised that hot-lapping perhaps wasn’t the cleverest idea during a semi-endurance event like this (at least for me!) and forced myself to just focus on trying to make clean-ish, tidy laps consistently. I fared much better the third time - aside from a nasty moment coming into the Ladera section on lap 7 when I saw the R2 McLaren steaming up behind to lap me. It threw my focus for a second as I entered the quick right-left kink on the long straight and I lost around 5 seconds on the speed bumps. My time over the nine laps was 28:05.645. A video is in my storefront.

I’ll try to get another one or two legs done over the coming few days.

Count me in. Getting the right car on the right track is going to make a hugh difference to times, the AI racing adds another dimension too. Well thought out Rudy. May even get time to lay some laps down tonight.

Sorted the car for the ring, which le mans track is it?

Thanks for entering JWCJRS4RT! I’ve updated post no.2.

The Le Mans track layout to be used is La Sarthe (with the two chicanes on the mulsanne straight).

Good luck!

Im def up for this one :slight_smile:

Rally leg 1 Nurburgring R2 Pool Mercedes Benz C Class - 21 : 25:677 - Final time

Rally leg 2 Infineon Long S Pool Lamborghini Countach - 25:15:638 - Final time

Both replays are up on my SF now

Cant decide where to run the slowest car !!!

Hi Voldemortt, thanks for entering the comp! I’ve updated post no.2 with your results. I realise you stated final as opposed to provisional next to your time - but I left a ‘P’ next to them anyway, so as you always have the option ´to update them. Alternately, you can leave them just as they are.

I’ve completed a couple more of my runs myself (replays on SF):
Nurburgring - S Class - Ferrari GTO 1984 - Time: 24:35.354
Infineon - D Class - Saab 99 T - Time: 29:31.504

I realise that there are other competitions running, and that this one might be quite time consuming. Therefore I’ve also extended the provisional comp end date to Sunday 5th July to give people plenty of time.

I’ve just finished my fifth and final leg - Le Mans in the Aston DB4. Time of 22:56.048.
Over the five legs my total provisional time is 2:17:54.352. I’ve updated post no.2. Replays of all legs are on my SF. Here’s a few photos of my cars in action on each track:

Leg 1: Nurburgring - Ferrari GTO 1984 - S class

Leg 2: Fujimi Kaido - Honda #18 Takata DOME NSX - R2 class

Leg 3: Le Mans La Sarthe - Aston DB4 GT Zagato - A class

Leg 4: Camino Extreme - BMW M5 '88 - B class

Leg 5: Infineon Long - Saab 99 T - D class

Ipersonally think you should keep the AI in the races Rudyard - they keep you on your toes :slight_smile:

Fair enough Voldemortt, thanks. We’ll stick with the AI field. I’ve edited the posts above as necessary. I won’t tinker any more!

Thanx for making my times provisional Rudyard - i know i can improve on my times - will see how it all adds up later b4 i decide to run them again .

Just set a Provisional A Pool time - Camino Extreme Hyundai Veloster Turbo 26:55:662

Iwill upload replay next time im playing Forza

That was the most frustrating many many laps of the ring I have ever done. That was mental!

Mercedes R2 C-Class 21:18.025 .Replay on storefront

Great comp

I haven’t given up on this Rudy, everytime I got a race set up and got a couple of laps done I’d be disconnected from xbox live and loose the race. Hopefully resolved issue and I will post times later

No worries mate. There’s plenty of time left.

I checked out a bit of your Nurburgring run - looked a seriously impressive time (Voldemort’s too)! I Wonder if I made a mistake taking the S class car there… not that I think I would have come close to a sub 21:30 time anyway! I guess my choice of the R2 on Fujimi Kaido could come back to bite me!

I’m just hoping that we get a few more entrants soon. Comps been open for 10 days, and only three folks interested… Not sure if I made it over complex - my rambling explanations putting people off, or if there’s just too much on-track time involved (well over two hours as least) for busy people. Maybe the unusual comp design just isn’t appealing to most people, or perhaps they just simply prefer to hot-lap. Anyway, if others don’t enter then there’s plenty of assured prize money coming to the three of you (assuming you complete all legs) who have entered!

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your times :slight_smile:

It is a shame there arent many taking this challenge as it makes a refreshing change from hot lapping.

This looks fun Rudyard. Do car tunes need to be your own? If so does one have a chance to be competitive by simply throwing some upgrades to the car? Very interested regardless of the answers =)

tunes are open to whatever you like as long as the class of cars are kept within the rules. you can buy tunes off the storefront if u wish to as long as they fall within the guidelines set