mph vs. km/h issue in speedometer

HI folks,

I am living in Europe, where we are measuring distances in km, so we’re not familiar with speeds given in mph. Everything is running fine in the HUD.

BUT: In cockpit view the digital speedometer is always shown in mph. This gets really annoying when playing with HUD off. I can live with the fact that the analog sppedometer in cockpit has defined units, but the digital one has to be replaced. For me it seems like that’s something that could be fixed and shouldn’t be as it is now.

Has anybody else encountered this issue?

I am playing on One X

Think it has to do where the cars originated from, and the interior is made accordingly, including the speedometer. There as cars with mph in cockpit and vice versa. It all depends. Don’t think they are gonna change anything about it, not even the digital ones, naturally one can hope, but i surely doubt it.