Moving up the grid in Forza 6?

Might have been asked already but do you move up the grid as your driver level stars to get higher? I know you could in some of the old Forza’s but can you in 6?

Or is it only mods packs that allow you to do this?

For single player I don’t think there’s any way other than mods. In league races, I think it’s based on the fastest clean lap of the previous race.

Unless you use Mod Cards, you will always start in around 14th place in Career.

Career it is mod packs only to move out of 12th place. It is annoying to always start in 12th but that is part of what makes the mod cards useful for better grid position or worse for the credit bump and achievement. For League I’m pretty sure it is based on fastest clean lap and in Free Play it is based on PI unless playing back of the pack or longshot mod card. Depending on your selections in Free Play set up, the drivatars all use base PI versions of the cars so if you are upgraded you will be in 1st place to start.

I thought as much, don’t mind starting in 12th for the career as it adds to the challenge but I did like the fact you could move up as your driver level improved in the older games, thanks for the answers :slight_smile: