Moved installation to another harddrive. Now sound is weird

I used the built-in function in windows 10 to move my forza horizon 4 installation from my old harddrive to my a new ssd. At first I thought everything went fine, fired up the game (almost instant loading, wow!) and ran a quick race. Then problems began. Switched to another car and since then I can’t hear the engine or traction control at all. I do hear other sounds like hitting stuffs and other miscellaneous sounds.

So now I’m thinking I’ll try reinstalling to see if it hopefully can fix it. Will report back when that’s done. Hope Turn 10 can get a fix for this, very practical to move games to different harddrives now that they are quite big there days.

Update: Sound is fine again after the re-installation.

Had the same Problem,on a few cars no motor sound…reinstall helped.