Moustache's Gallery [UPDATED 27/03/16 - Nissan GTR SuperGT GT500]

After never really getting into FM5 and missing Forzatography, I’ve really been enjoying taking pictures and decided I need somewhere to share my work. Hope you enjoy!

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That first P1 pic is gorgeous.

Thank you!

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Bro, that last pic from the 125i it’s so freaking reallistic!! How’d you got the camera that up high?

Thanks! It’s a glitch in photomode, if you got to the corner of objects on track like armco, tyre walls, concrete barriers, ect while holding the right trigger, sometimes it’ll glitch and rise up right in the air like that. Sometimes it’s very hard to get, or it won’t work at all, or sometimes it’ll do it straight away.

That first P1 shot is LOVELY.

+1 Great work with the BMW too!

Thank you!

Great collection you have here, love the P1 shots.

Thank guys, appreciate it!


What track is this? Would love to try and get a drifting shot on that corner with the glitch.

Back on topic, you’ve got a great eye. Some fantastic shots up there. I think i’ll be a regular in this thread :wink:

Thanks! That’s the Karussell on the Nurburgring.

how did you take this shot? if you have a vid could you send a link?

Ok, now you’re just showing off… Seriously amazing shot right here!

I’ve enjoyed the gallery so far and I imagine it won’t be any different as you add to it :slight_smile:

That’s amazing.

Thanks guys, appreciate the kind words!

Amazing work bro!!!

I think they should patch photomode and let us take the camera up that high normally.

There is a lot of freedom that needs to be added to photomode via a update. But only time will tell. Other then that, my favourite from the P1 update has to be shot 3.