Mouse Pointer On Screen ... How To Remove It?

so, how do i remove the mouse pointer on my screen.

i move it off the screen then moments later its in a new location somewhere on the screen.

i want it gone, please help!

Hey, I got the same problem. Did you buy the game on steam or microsoft store?

This is the thread for known issues
And under WINDOWS 10/11 they listed a bug: Windows Store - Mouse Cursor is stuck on screen at all times

So if you bought it on MS store, its a bug and they know about it. Hope they fix it soon, and hope this helps you a little that they know about this problem.

heya, thanks for the info!

i do have the microsoft version so, looks like it will be fixed eventually

I have Microsoft Version, and my mouse I just move to the right, and it scrolls off the screen. I did that in Motorsport 7 as well.

play on a console - there will be no mouse pointer

Same issue here on win 10.
FH4 didn’t have this issue, mouse pointer would disappear on using a controller.