Mouse cursor/pointer stays on screen in-game

Hi, how do I get rid of the mouse pointer without having to move it manually every time I start the game? It’s annoying as hell that this is a problem again, even after it was no issue in it’s predecessors. I’m playing the Microsoft Store version on PC with a Xbox One controller. Any help is much appreciated!


I have the exact same issue. its kinda annoying with the cursor in the middle of the screen!


This is because the games fullscreen mode is not exclusive fullscreen, but borderless window.
Most games will deactivate/hide the cursor when detecting a different input when running in borderless window, but seemingly FH5 doesn’t do this.

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FH4 doesn’t exhibit this problem in borderless window mode.

FH4 is a different game, and if you read my whole comment it is clearly a bug, so I dont see why that is relevant?

Okay well your first sentence seemed to be saying that was why it is doing it, as if that excuses it. FH5 may be ‘a different game’ but it’s essentially exactly the same game using the same engine as FH3 and FH4, just with a few things changed around and different locations. So that’s why I mentioned it.

If you change your cursor to a candybar and set it infront of your car, you can feel like you are chasing the candy instead of a race. This helped me out for a little bit.


having the same issuse with mouse cursor beeing stuck on screen forever, anyone have the same issue and/or a fix for this? i tried checking in settings etc nothing helped

Fix: Grab the mouse and move the cursor to any edge of the screen until it isn’t visible anymore.


I’m sure people are already doing that but it’s a workaround, not a fix.

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Well until they release fist patch there’s nothing you can do but this anyway.

Same here as well with the ms store/xbox version and also using a controller. (I see it’s a known issue for the steam version)

Workaround is to drag it off screen but that is normally only good for a short time before it pops up again.

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Right. I have the same issue.
One issue I haven’t seen anyone talking about though… my braking line “red” is not red. It is white-ish. I’ve messed with Accessibility settings/ color-blindness, etc. No luck. I guess I will learn to drive without the line.

The real problem is that the game is running in borderless window and not exclusive fullscreen which usually means performance is being left on the table.

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hopefully they fix this soon, its a really small problem but its hella annoying

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I think that moving the pointer off the screen doesn’t need a fix, it’s not a problem.

Lets get this fixed in the first patch. Thx.


–Controller grabs cursor and DRAGS IT around-- :|||||||

Nov 9th, It wasn’t doing it for me.
Wake up today the 10th and it’s NON STOP.
I feel like it’s a bug with the map in the pause menu.

Alllllll controller options are turned off on steam.
Rage Restart PC. in case it was an asinine driver hickup.

-Rage quit for a minute, But I think dragging to the bottom of the screen, then using buttons to enable the controller before “Resuming” May fix it sometimes.

That’s all I have for an input. :x

-I don’t post much in places like this. My Bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Off course it’s a bug. The mouse pointer should disappear when I press a button on my gamepad and it’s a pain having to move the mouse pointer off the screen everytime I play. Nier Automata had the same problem and it was never fixed. I’m playing FH5 on game pass and wouldn’t consider buying it until this bug is fixed. The game shouldn’t have been released with such an obvious bug staring the developer in the face, but they chose to ignore it which is unprofessional.

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fix: How To Show/Hide Inactive Mouse Cursor Forza Horizon 5 - YouTube

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