Mountain Expansion Pack? Fact or Rumor?

I’ve been hearing this come from different people, meaning it may be purely rumors and speculation, but is there any stable information to support the fact that a mountain-touge type expansion pack is indeed in the making?

No one here would know for sure. Those who would, would not say. T10 and PG run a tight-lipped operation, they usually keep these things close to the chest until a week or so before launch.

So far its all speculation and rumors. It seems possible tho the way I see it… we already have rain, night racing, rally/offroad, suv/trucks, drag racing and circuit style racing… The only thing missing is snow and touge/drift mountain racing.

Consider it a rumour unless announced by the staff.

It’s not even a rumor. A rumor implies that someone heard something from an external source.

It’s just really common speculation. A lot of people on the forums would want to see it. But there is no evidence that we’ll get another expansion pack the size of Storm Island.