MotorworldHype E3 2016 Forza Horizon 3 Interview With Ralph Fulton [VIDEO LINK]


Its here! It didn’t quite get released the way we had anticipated but our interview with Ralph Fulton of Playground Games is now live! Ralph takes our questions and questions from forum users MateoMax and RedR0tor as they both had questions with a significant amount of likes! We also have our gameplay impressions on the way so keep an eye out for that.

See the interview here:

We want to thank everyone who participated in this thread. This video couldn’t have come out the way it did without you!

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Hello all!

As you all know, E3 2016 is just around the corner and Microsoft has made it public that they will be announcing a new Forza game at the Xbox E3 Press Conference in June. Now, while we think we’re pretty sure what this game will be coughcoughForzaHorizon3coughcough its not actually “official” which is why we are posting this thread in the “General Xbox Gaming” section of the forum because there is no “Forza Horizon 3” section…yet

We will also likely have a chance to sit down and talk with people from the Turn 10 Studios (or Playground Games) team about the new Forza “game” that will be announced. That is where YOU come in! In what has become something of a tradition we want to act as your representative if/when we talk to the developers and try to get some of your questions answered. As such we started this thread so that you can post questions that you want us to ask the devs should we get the opportunity to interview them.

Some of you many already be familiar with our annual tradition and know the rules but for those who don’t here is how it works:

  1. If you have any questions that you want us to ask post them in this thread. If you can’t think of a question yourself but see a question posted by someone else that you think is good then click the “like” button for that post.

  2. We will pick the questions with the most “likes” including any others that we just think are good questions to ask should we get the opportunity to conduct an interview.

  3. If a question we pick from this thread already gets answered in say, a press release or at the Xbox E3 event we will omit it unless we feel like there could be some more digging to do there.

  4. Refrain from posting “complaint questions” i.e. “why doesn’t Forza have _______ like ______ game has?”


  6. If it is after the deadline but you still want to submit a question then tweet it to us @MotorworldHype and if its good we may use it. You don’t have to follow us to submit a question but we’d appreciate it! The deadline for twitter questions is June 14th 2016 6pm PDT.

  7. There is NO GURANTEE THAT WE WILL GET THIS INTERVIEW. There will be many other media outlets there and many of them are frankly bigger than us and often get priority. These events can be very dynamic and things can change at a moment’s notice. HOWEVER, we have a pretty good track record with the Forza team and have never previously failed or been denied an interview. As always we will do our best!

  8. Should we get the interview we will post it on and post the link to it here!

UPDATE new rule:

  1. Try to keep it to one, maybe two questions per post. Why? Well as I mentioned, one of the main factors in picking questions is looking at how many likes it gets. However if a post has 15 questions then we don’t know exactly which one of those is the one that earned the “like”. I know you guys have a lot of questions so make more than one post if need be. It will make our job much easier. Thanks!

We may try to do a Facebook live session at a special reveal event on Tuesday night. Things are still kind of up in the air but we are working out the details. If we do a Facebook Live we will announce it here and on our Facebook page at Please follow us there for updates!

We will check on this thread often to take notice of questions and see what questions are getting the most likes. We will also post any updates here as well so you may want to subscribe to this thread if you want to be kept up to date.

Thanks in advance and we look forward to seeing your questions!

Does the game include player Clubs and sharing of garage cars? and will it allow for gifting cars, credits, or other game assets to other players?


How will the game’s penalty system and lobby controls deal with corner cutting, crashing, and other griefing?

How has Turn 10 considered community requests for searchable/listed public custom lobbies as an anti-griefing measure apart from League divisions?
(or to hit it more directly: What is the logic in not implementing the searchable/listed public custom lobbies system that is used in FM4?)

Does multiplayer include any qualifying or licensing system for seeding races?

(These questions may be less applicable to an open-world game than FM’s closed circuit format, in which case the question might be: How do anti-griefing measures in an open-world multiplayer mode differ from Forza Motorsport’s closed circuit format?)


Have Tuning options been extended to include:

  • Individual wheels vs. front/back settings? (If this game includes racing series, consider the addition of NASCAR which adjusts individual wheels, and has a track bar.)
  • Wheel offset?
  • Engine boost pressure?

What features of this game might make it suitable for eSports tournaments?

What changes have been made to the Spectate feature?


Has there been any development of external apps for interacting with the game remotely or displaying additional information during gameplay?

Is there any ability to create designs (or any other game features) outside the game software and import them into the game?

How much of the design or game features can be updated after launch in response to user feedback?

What kind of limitations do you face in developing the game on the Universal Windows Platform (file size allocation per player etc)?


Will this game support multimonitor, and VR? (at launch?)

Are there any features enabled for Kinect beyond voice commands?


Which familiar game modes return to solo and multiplayer, and have any been added? (Circuits, P2P, Drag, Drift for points, tandem drift points, Autocross, Track day, Multiclass, Cat and Mouse, Tag, Soccer, Demolition Derby, Stunts?)

Is there a sandbox or track editor for modes like autocross, drag, and changing circuit layouts?


Will there be a Collector’s Edition? (physical box, packaged items, DLC)

What is Turn 10’s DLC plan for the game and how many months will it go on after game release?

How does the game use microtransactions?

What percentage of players buy expansions or monthly DLC packs?


Does Photo Mode include any new features such as the ability to stage shots with car positioning, driver delete, and longer distance (helicopter) views?


Are there any Manufacturers that are new to Forza, or returning after a long absence?

Are there any manufacturers (Porsche) that won’t be in the game at launch but may probably be added as DLC later?


Are there any new or expanded partnerships in game content, such as WRC?

Does Turn 10 have plans to be more visible with a tie-in to the games at real world races, expos, or other related events?

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How does the game Economy work with regard to accessing cars?

Have Centralized Storefronts returned so that players can find all of a content creator’s tuning setups, designs, and media in one place?

Is there an Auction House or similar user-car-sales feature?


What is the vision for Turn 10 now compared to when it was established almost 15 years ago, and where do you see the Forza brand among culture/motorsport and the gaming industry in the future?

What question have you not been asked yet that you’ve been hoping to be asked?

Damn max!! haha Are we getting an S14?!? Mazda RX7 FC? Come on!!!


Some xbox titles lately have been implementing mods ported over from their pc counterparts, with Forzas recent foray into the pc market will this be something your looking to implement in upcoming forza titles ? Ie car models, tracks, maps etc


Assuming they did, Microsoft announced new consoles with enhanced features will forza utilize those features, ie 4k, higher framerates etc

Will we see more utilization of smartglass, forza hub, pc control to create customised leaderboards, browse paints, browse tunes etc