UPDATE Review is LIVE!: We’re still working on a few requests but we wanted to let everyone know that our review is finally up! It nearly killed us but its up!

A quick note though: We only had a short time with the full game so our review isn’t “in-depth” but we did play enough to form a solid opinion on it. We may do a longer more extensive review later or perhaps a review focusing purely on multiplayer.

But if you just want our quick thoughts for now please feel free to check out our review here: Forza Motorsport 7: REVIEW! - YouTube


Once again I must be careful what I say here so please bare with me.

For reasons that we cannot divulge, it is unlikely that we will be able to get a Forza 7 review up at the same time as other outlets.

We’re still going to try but as I mentioned it is unlikely. If we do manage to make it, it will likely be more of a (very) brief overview and not so much “in-depth”.

However, we don’t want to have just that or nothing. So once again we are reaching out to you, the Forza community.

Are there specific things you want to see or questions you want answered about Forza 7 that we can make videos about?

We’ll try to cover the basic stuff (showing off how many cars are in the shop at launch, driver gear additions, track list, etc.) but if there is anything else you can think of that you want to see let us know in this thread.

Just like in our interview threads the posts with the most “likes” are what we will focus on. Even then we probably won’t be able to do everything but we want to try and do as much as possible for you.

The sting from our major fail in landing the dev interview at the preview event is still fresh for us so if we can do a bit to redeem ourselves it’d be nice.

With that said, feel free to make your video requests in this thread! We’re looking forward to your responses!

NOTE: All of our Forza 7 video content will be captured at 1080p 60fps, rather than 4K 60FPS. This is mostly due to the fact that we currently do not have a recording device that can capture 4K 60fps gameplay.

Any 4K 60fps footage we’ve captured in the past was due to either us renting a device or Microsoft/Xbox providing one. We were unable to rent a device in-time for our review attempt so we’ll be using our 1080p capture device instead.

Our PC might be able to handle recording 4k 60fps via a software solution but frankly, there just isn’t a lot of time to test that out. We’ll give it a shot but we cannot make any promises.

Did the storefront finally return to Forza motorsport?


Are there homologation leaderboards? More so the permanent variety vs the monthly variety. I’d assume overall leaderboards are unlikely.


The only question that matters at this point.

We know where ffb is at. Where the LB’s at?

Could you show us all the cars in each division, even if it’s just you browsing a menu very very quickly, and it’s up to us to freeze the frames to analyze them? Divisions are categories of similar cars from similar periods with names like Sport Compact Icons and Sport Coupe, which race against each other in homologated events under similar rules. It’s not that we don’t know which cars are in the game, we already know, the question is which cars will be racing against which… I believe you can sort cars by division in the menu.

My other request is that you seek to skip the intro no matter what, we’ve seen it one time too many and it’ll take precious seconds away from your video.

This is good stuff. Please keep them coming! Also try to share this thread with fellow Forza fans so that they can make requests as well.

By the way, to search for cars, go to Buy Car in the menu, instead of the Car Collection thingy. The interface in Car Collection is kind of a mess.

Ideas for stuff that you can show us:

  • Autocross and other “minigames”
  • A drag race in the Dodge Demon Fast & Furious Edition
  • Porsche 919 Hybrid @ Road Atlanta
  • Any Formula E car @ Prague
  • F40 Competizione @ Mugello
  • Sauber C9 @ Lime Rock Park
  • Livery editor

Basically avoid the career if you can because you can hardly choose anything.

Would anyone want any walkthroughs of specific UI/menus/game modes?

Yes, do try to get how much information on game modes: Autocross, online games, Rivals, drag racing as humanly possible, please.

Unfortunately we can’t really do a lot in the way of multiplayer since there will be hardly anyone online during the time we will be playing since it is pre-release.

Everything regarding Multiplayer please.

Info on the new bodykits would be awesome if possible.

We’ll try to give that one a shot. We know at least a few kits from Horizon 3 have made the migration to Forza 7

A pretty big chunk of our video content just went live!

So far we’re showing off some hot laps on the new tracks with new weather/day/night conditions.

We also scroll through the list of all the achievements and all of the wheels in the game.

Its all up at

If you have any requests for videos you want us to make please post them here!


Nice vids so far. I really enjoyed the Homstead wet transition, very cool to see the rain come in.

Thank you sir.

Nice video!!

On topic: How we can adjust the lenght of career/campaign races in the menu? Is that possible?

UPDATE: We’re still working on a few requests but we wanted to let everyone know that our review is finally up! It nearly killed us but its up!

It is a brief review and we may do a more extensive one later but for now this is our opinion of Forza Motorsport 7 so far: Forza Motorsport 7: REVIEW! - YouTube